If time travelling were ever possible and you had only one option for time travelling, so either you go forward or backwards in time, which of the two options would you pick?And list a reason why you would pick that option.


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Tannis Mitchell answered

I'd go back in time where people were fighting with sword's and just real cool armor, it just seem's very exciting, and a thrill to see people with unusual clothing. I love video game's that involve horses, sword's and all that nerdy stuff, so it would be cool to be in that point in time.

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Amanda Layne answered

I would go to the FUTURE! Here's my list of reasons:

  1. It would be cool to know what's in store and how things will turn out. I'm sure it will be nothing like we imagine.
  2. I could take technology from the future, go back in time, and use it to take over the world. Imagine someone was able to bring a few drones back from the future to Ancient Rome or Egypt, they would be able to defeat entire armies probably because everyone would think they were magic birds attacking them from the sky lol!!
  3. I could go to the future to find out what is the most popular style of fashion or music, then go back and use that knowledge to become a superstar, like the next Beyonce or something hahah
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Yo Kass answered

Great question!

I think I'd have to chose the future, because we already (more or less) know what came before us, whereas the future is obviously 100% unknown, so more of a mystery.

As a teenager, I was always fascinated by futuristic video games, Japanese anime, "futurepop" bands and films like The Matrix (and the Animatrix) always made me wonder what kind of dystopian world awaits us, so it'd be awesome to see that for myself!

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