Why is Boko Haram terrorising Nigeria?


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Boko Haram is an outdated and crazy terrorist organization, and they are based on 'fear' and inability to understand the world around them.

Boko Haram actually means "western education is forbidden" or something like that....

What kind of people are against education for crying out loud??

I guess they think that by terrorizing Nigeria, they can fight off foreign influence which they see as corrupting their society, but we are all humans and they are doing some really terrible things, and I wish they would all just disappear off the face of this planet!

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Boko Haram is an African terrorist group that has been featuring in the news lately because of all the crimes committed in Nigeria.

The name, translated from Nigeria's local Hausa language means "Western education is sinful".It is a way too extremist Islamic group that murder mostly Nigerian Christian and wants to bring down democracy. More specifically, they believe that the government has been corrupted by the West and thus want the country to go back to the pre-colonial era when Muslims ruled.  This article explains a bit more in details.

Recent news are reporting about current attacks only nowards, but they've been actually going on since 2009 (and ever earlier than that). For example, in November 2011 the militants attacked police facilities in Yobe, killing around 150 people.

As the person above me said, they are using violence and are based on fear to pursue some inattainable and quite distorted ideals. I know it doesn't sound reasonable, I am still trying to find out why they are letting this happening and how the situation can improve. Anyway, if you want to read more also about the myths that surround this organization, here's another interesting article.

Hope it made things clearer for you!

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