What Is Nigeria Zip Code?


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A zip code (also known as a postcode) is a postal address, which you put on any items that you want to post to a certain address. Nigeria doesn't have one zip code, it is a country and each region is divided up and has individual zip codes, just like in the UK or the US. The Nigerian postal code website can help you find postcodes, go to www.nipost.gov.ng/PostCode.aspx and select the state that you want to send something to, then press get map. A map will appear and each area inside that state will have a number (e.g. 441...), this is the start of the zip code for that region. To find a specific postcode if you know exactly where you want to send an item, visit www.nigeriapostcodes.com/views/ You'll have to enter the state, town, area and street name and then the website will tell you the postcode for you to address your item(s) to.
Some of the answers below have said "+234", this is not the zip code for Nigeria. This is the phone code which you prefix to any number you want to dial in Nigeria( if you are dialling from outside the country). Do not confuse the phone code with the postal code, they are not the same thing! So if you want to dial a Nigerian number from the US then you must prefix +234 to the phone number. If you are in Nigeria and want to dial a Nigerian number, the prefix is not needed.
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Nigeria Zip Code is 00176-0000 Nigeria and Nigeria Calling Code is +234. For list of Zip Codes check out the following site. Save it for future use.

Zip Codes.

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What is the zip code of rivers state in nigeria
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Nigeria zip code is 23401
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The zip code depends on the location or the state in Nigeria. It is 00176-0000 generally. See here for more information:


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