What Is The Zip Code For Lagos,Nigeria?


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Many countries around the world do not use zip codes like they do in the United States and Canada. Nigeria is one of these countries that do not, instead PO Box numbers or simply just the street name is used.

If you have been asked to send something to Nigeria recently, such as a product you have listed online, then you must ensure everything is legitimate before you send any items. The Internet is littered with sophisticated scammers and people are regularly caught out.

One such scam has been circulating on websites such as eBay and Amazon. The fraud begins with a person contacting you to ask for more details or photographs of your item (which regularly seems to be DSLR cameras). The seller obviously presumes this is a genuine customer and replies with a photograph or some further specifications; the scammer has now obtained your email address. Next an email from the buyer will arrive, saying they have bought the item and the payment confirmation should be sent through soon. Next comes what looks like two emails from Amazon or eBay, stating that your item has been sold and needs to be sent to Lagos, Nigeria - these emails are likely to be forgeries. Before you send anything, you must sign in to your actual sellers account through the official website and make sure the item has actually been sold. The scam is to simply try and trick you into sending your item without getting payment for it.
You ask about the zip code of Lagos, Nigeria. The zip code for Lagos,Nigeria is 23401. You will try it is correct.
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There are different zip codes for different areas of lagos state, Nigeria...  In Nigeria, the zip codes are also refered to as post codes. A look at this website will give you post codes to anywhere in Lagos state and other states of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. www.nigeriapostcodes.com
For example, the post code for Billingsway, Oregun, lagos is 100212
Not 23401 or 2341.. Where 234 is the Country access code and 1 is the Lagos state code..This is a telephone code and NOT a zip code.
Hope this is helpful!
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Lagos zip code begins with 100001 and moves on to other numbers for the last digit as per location. Go to the nearest NIPOST office and get the list of the zip codes
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Nigeria got its independent in 1960

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