Who Will Pay The Costs Of President Obama's Health Care Reforms?


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I think the greatest cost will likely be levied upon the children of the main population of the United States.  Of course, they'll ultimately be paying for any and all choices, both mistakes or otherwise, but really - where else is it going to be coming from?

This reform, as in anything else the U.S. Government does, is paid for by taxes.
In addition, there are quite a few areas where those who make more are taxed more - as if those who are wealthy somehow owe those who are not.  But then, that is what is meant by all the socialism comments.

Ultimately, unless the United States migrates from it's current inertia toward a socialist state, much of what made the United States unique will be gone.  All dreams must end, I suppose.
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I just wish everybody would calm down & get the facts straight before they join the "teabaggers". (stupid name) Most of the fears are being fed by the Republican party. If U look back in time, U'll see that we objected to the gov't starting up Social Security & Medicare too. How many of us hate those programs now, or would want to have them taken away from us ? How about Unions?  THINK before U speak.
This whole mess is being instigated by a sore loser; namely, John McCain. He's an azzhole, too.( & I normally vote Republican) He's trying to start a revolution against the President of the United States, who was elected by the Majority of this country. Has everyone forgotten this? Yes, he WON, people !! Our financial mess was NOT caused by him. It was caused by our previous leaders, who covered it all up & made us believe we were doing fine. Wake up !! U wanna know whose gonna pay for the medical plan now ? All of us, in some way. But it'll be more fair & nobody will be left out. I'm sick of taxes too, but no reason to get in a Tizzy over this bill. I think it should be stronger. At least, it's a start. Have U ever had a family member who was denied coverage for a procedure ? Do U know what it feels like ? Do U want your kid to die without coverage for treatment because nobody will cover him if he has Diabetes ?  We're already FORCED to pay Federal taxes, Medicare taxes, & Social Security taxes. Also, car insurance.(here in NJ). So how different is it to have to pay for medical insurance ? But that's ONLY if we don't get it thru other means already.  Geezzz....how thick can some people be ? UGH !!
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Look...If we're not forced to be in a plan, nobody will buy a plan until they get sick. That will cost us more than anything. Do U think your current costs are stable? NOT !! It's much better if we all share in the cost. I don't believe this plan is going to hurt the majority of us. Do U hear people in other countries where they have Universal coverage complaining that they want it taken away ? I don't think so...The few U were shown on TV, were setups. Or have U got much for brains ?
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Hey folks...I'm sorry some of U didn't like my comments. But U will see how it goes soon enough. There's too much panic. Too much fear. Yes, I have some fear also, but I have more confidence in it than not. I am neither rich, nor poor. So I probably won't be affected by it much; except that they cannot turn me away for a pre-existing condition anymore. But that won't take effect for 4 more yrs. Anyway. It's for the kids right now. Just go in & read all U can & be careful how U read it. Fear not.
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Anyone who doesn't benefit from it, will pay for it. Unfortunately, it can't go both ways. The cost of covering children to age 26, no Pre-existing conditions, no benefit maximums will have to passed somewhere. The cost will be passed to the employers who offer coverage...then the added premiums will be passed to the employees. How much more these changes will cost? I'm not sure, yet.

The added premiums will likely depend on the age range of the employee pool. Expensive age ranges are, women in child-bearing years and older adults, since they tend to have more chronic conditions (just a brief overview of underwriting logic).

The added taxes, fees and fines will go straight to the government, presumable to cover more Medicaid recipients.

Don't get me wrong, I agree we need reform and many of the changes are great, in theory. Some of them were not well thought, though.
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The financially well-off, mostly.
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All of us i think...
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I believe they're going to levy an income tax on Martians and Leprechauns to pay for it...
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Hi Keith.The American people will bear the cost.In a cause as Noble as this,they should grit thier teeth and bear it
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You want to know who will be paying for this "reform"?  Look in the mirror, my friend,  and then multiply it by every American in the country and then add generation and generation and multiple generations more to that face looking at you.  Hopefully, we each will be taxed equally regardless of our income.  Take a percentage of "whatever" it is we earn.  If all are to benefit, all should pay equally.  Using myself as an example I can say I am sick and tired of people here in the United States getting benefits I do not get.  I have saved and worked and managed to pay for my home without benefit of a bailout.  Some have gotten cash I did not get.  I could not afford to trade in my car and get a new car & a new car payment but some got cash for their clunkers and were able to take on a new car loan they could not otherwise have afforded...how long before they can't make that payment?  Nobody gave me money for my first home purchase...I and my husband had to save and make sacrifices to have a down payment.  Now, it is being suggested that because we have some money saved to pay for our forthcoming years with no income that we should pay extra for the "others" to have insurance.  Let the "others" get it the same way I did.  Let them work hard, do without and never have some things at all.  Let them live within their means and not run up big credit card debts and buy houses they can not pay for and not expect a hand out from me. I see no reason that I should pay a larger percentage than the guy who mows yards and flips burgers because he did not choose to finish high school.  People need to know that you suffer the consequences of their actions or in many cases -in-actions.  I will honestly tell you, I and my husband are about to be taxed right out  of our home.  When did personal responsibility become dirty words?
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Trust me, we all will. It makes me sick to my stomach to think about it. I work for the private insurance industry and I really don't think he realizes what he's started here. It's a no-lose situation for him and people are just too blind to see it. If it begins to fail financially, who do you think will pay? That's right, the American taxpayer. There truly is no risk to him. He will then say, "well, you voted for it!".  He will dump billions if not trillions into this to save his face along with the dems who are trying to make a name for themselves. I would be the first to say that there needs to be health care reform. But, this is not the way. Cracking down on fraud would be a huge step forward. Medicare fraud is rampant. That is what I work on specifically. If we can get a handle on that, watch how costs could come down. I'm not hoping he (Obama) fails, I'm actually rooting for it. What choice do we have now? But, if I were a betting man, I would be staying home from the track!!!! Be afraid, be very afraid. Mark my words.
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If this is not the way, I sure hope U have a better plan. We've been stalling making a move on healthcare reform for decades. It is time !! And we'll make the best of it. Doesn't matter what "Party" we are. We are ALL Americans. And we ALL need healthcare. I'd rather pay for it, than shell out to pay for useless, expensive golfcarts for the higher ups. That's where our tax dollars are being wasted.
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I Hope It's People Who Make Over 250 Grand A Year. They Never Have To Worry About Whether To Get That  Hip Replacement Or.. Pay For Groceries And Gas For The Year... They Probably Are Taxed A Lot But It's Not So Bad For Them As It Is For Someone Making 12 Grand  A Year...  It's A Given That Someone Who Just Lost Their Job.. Won't Be Visiting Any Doc Anytime Soon...And Forget About That Knee Surgery They Scheduled For November..Cobra Insurance Only Goes For 3 Months After A Layoff.. Unemployment Benefits Last About19 Weeks And They Are 1/3 To Half The Previous Salary...
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The proof will be in the pudding/mix.just like everything else some will pay/lose their lives and homes while others have full health care paid for with their/the rest of society's taxes.just like it is before the bill passes. In otherwords it will change for some and others will have no results change from it. Same old saying still holds true the poor get poorer and the rich get richer. Just now the ones that thought they were not poor will be.in other words the void will become more evident between poor and rich.the funny/sad thing is that the poor will be the ones to suffer even more when they try to decide whether to eat/pay the necessary bills and buying forced health care on top of that while trying to live/raise their family. Then when they can no longer do that their kids will be taken from them and put into a already failing system while the parents are either jailed or forced to work more to pay a fine they could not pay in the first place by getting a second or third job killing themselves to buy health care they could not afford or need in the first place. What's that old term for state run buildings for reforming criminals into contributing members of society. Funny/odd how "reform" is used to refer to something that is to help and punish a citizen at the same time.just in different laws/on different occasions. : ). Funny /strange  how slavery benefited some while using/punishing others.hmmmm?as i said only the future will show the people what is really going to happen to each and everyone of us under this health plan. I'm sure some will again fall through the grating while others simply walk over it.
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I forgot to add ,that the only way to find out if it works in the long run is to actually put it into use and find all the shall we say the termite(bad little bugs in the system) mounds hidden in it in order to shall we say smoke out the little(uncover the hidden flaws) buggers and crush their hiding place while putting in some new grass(fixing the loopholes/flaws). I guess you could say the only way to know is give it a pressure test to see if it has any hidden leaks(catches fire) n the system
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Well, they will dip into MY payroll checks as well as millions of other Americans checks and yes, MOST of us think this yank off the crapper plan sucks. The have's will pay AGAIN for everything. My co-workers think it is great that their children can stay on their insurance plans until 26 years of age. Well, excuse me, but, I am NOT raising my child to leach off of me until she is 26. Like I told her today..."You better have an education and a job that provides ur own insurance." This is NOT new news in our house. You grow up, get an education and treat urself to a GOOD life outside of momma's womb/nest.
The American government will continue to TRY to make every human being dependent until one day, it OWNS you. Beware!!!.
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The people who will pay the most are white, working, males, the reason the democrats constantly demonize the very group that pays for everything is so we feel guilty and keep on quietly being robbed.

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