Shouldn't there be an uproar over Cong. & Senate being declared small businesses so the government has to pay 73% of their health care?


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Congress isn't a business. It's a form of welfare.

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If you cannot view this:, Google "When was Congress declared a small business"
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There should be uproar on a lot of things. Like dear leader's recent "tax plan".

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Detroit is pretty much any other rural conservative dead coal towns. You know how many dead coal towns there are? What they have in common is that they relied on ONE single industry that gave opportunity to people who don't make opportunities for themselves. The unskilled and the uneducated. That's all there is to it. Detroit died to capitalism. Japanese makers made better cars, Detroit's prime location in the rust belt became irrelevant as cars became easier to ship from overseas. Educated workers with more money could afford to move out, and you're left with basically the low-wagers as your tax base. Imagine if the only people left in Houston were retail workers and security guards because they moved the Johnson Air force base somewhere else..
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Quick question. If the tax rates are at $15,000 = 15% rate, $50,000= 25% rate, and $100,000 = 35% rate. How much tax would a person making $100,000 pay? Simple algebra.
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Also notice how I list actual events and problems rather than 'The pubs did it! The dems did it!".

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