What food shall I get for a party?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

PIZZA ! Everybody likes Pizza !

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Lard Ass answered

Pizza for sure! Chips, pretzels, maybe a vegetable tray, cheese tray, soda, iced tea....just really depends on the type of party and the age of the partiers!

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Marta Catalano answered

It depends on the party you are planning to organize and also on the people who will be there. Keep in mind that there might be different tastes or needs (like some people might be vegetarian or allergic to gluten). So if you manage to include a bit of everything you can satisfy every taste!

Pizza is a good compromise because generally it keeps everybody happy and you could order different kinds.

Alternatively, you can make a round of appetizers.

For example bruschette, vegetables and dips (likethis spinach and artichokes dip or guacamole) or quesadillas, stuffed mushrooms, sausage rolls, different kind of cheese, tartlets and quiches. Don't forget to include a dessert, it usually makes everything better. (;

Thisphotogallery is pretty good to get an idea. It all depends on your budget and the time you want to spend on it though! Enjoy. (:

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