Why do people today take so many selfies?


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Its fun! And usually a special way to hold the memories.

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My excuse is that I'm single and alone most of the time and don't have any other way to take a picture of myself when someone ask's for one. When I'm with my lady, the last thing we think of is taking pictures ! LOL

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Not to mention it's just simply easier, with the flash able to face inward, to take a selfie. 

Marta brought up an interesting point suggesting that selfies may not be good for self-esteem when used excessively.  And I think that that can often be true for many people on social media.  I mean, when we post pictures of ourselves it's to get likes and compliments - who doesn't love that?  There's nothing wrong with that.  But friends you hardly see in real life telling you how gorgeous you look (accompanied with 20 likes) is just that.  Some people confuse that with true self-love.

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First of all, selfies have always existed (think about when there were the first social networks or chat). People used to take a picture of themselves to put as an avatar on websites or something similar. Taking a photograph of ourselves is a pretty good way to document who we are or what we're doing because most of the times we don't really see ourselves (unless we look at a mirror), so it's a good way to have a hint at how people see us.

Thus selfie is a "new" word that describes an already existing thing:

It was already used in 2002 but not with the same frequency. As you can see from the picture above, the usage of the word increases rapidly.

The thing that changed today is the amount of daily selfies that people take. They do not merely serve the purpose of updating an avatar, or recording an experience but they show part of what the person wants to share with other people for different purposes. Today's selfies are often constructed images taken with the purpose of impressing others, or make them say something and show a certain image of ourselves and our life that it is not often true.

That's why most people argue that, due to the heavy use of social media, selfie have increased as well and this is the result of social media turning us into more narcissistic beings.

Which means that we're too much preoccupied with what other people think about us and how we are perceived by them. Because of this, we want to look good and be liked, especially physically.

This BBC article offers an interesting scientific explanation of why we might be so interested in taking so many selfies although there's not much evidence behind it and it doesn't really explore the issue of self-esteem or narcissism.

Anyway, hope this helps!

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It's a mystery. I don't take selfies really, but the names fun to say. I assume people like looking back at their old friends

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Yeah they'r really popular in the United States even the president does them! I personally don't like selfies - they are dumb
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I think this word has been pretty famous and so is spread all over the world! Even I wonder whats fun in taking a selfie but I think that it has now become a trend becoz any person u see takes a selfie so...thats why they take it!

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Now a days the selfie is one of new trend and hobby.To take a selfie using selfie stick it gives a clear picture.

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Today's generation people are more trendy and they like to adopt new things. Whatever they see, any latest, they implement it in their daily life. Selfie is a new trend. I also love  to click so many selfies of me with different style. This is all for fun. It is good to find the things which keeps you happy.

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