What Is Barack Obama's Cell Phone Number?


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Call (202 456 1414)   WHITE HOUSE
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Only oprah and michelle and their kids would know that.
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I am interested to know what would make you ask for his cell phone number? Can you imagine if everyone had access to that info , how crazy that would be. So I'm guessing this was just a stab at humor. Keep your daytime job.(or get one) people in charge don't give out their personal numbers. Too many crazies in the world.
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Actually they are pretty stupid with the one viral video hott4hill obama actually calls the woman and his number shows up on there but you cant do a freeze frame
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I work in the white house as one of Obama's doctors and he does not give that info out!!!!! He has an iphone but its number is secret I don't even know it if he needs me he has a pager!
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You had nothing else to do, so you decided you would just put anything on the net,he has no cell has no need for a cell until his term is up you contact him through secret service and good luck...
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Directory Assistance for Maine
If I even knew, I wouldn't tell you

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