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Barack (Hussein) Obama is a black candidate for the democrat's 2008 presidential nomination who originates from Honolulu, Hawaii and is the junior United States Senator for Illinois.

He announced his candidacy for the presidential nomination on 10th February 2007 in Springfield, Illinois.

Obama has a BA in Political Science from Columbia University and graduate degree from Harvard Law, where he made history as the first African American to become President of the Harvard Law Review.

Obama is married to Michelle and they have two young children.
Obama is the author of an award-winning book and audio book, called Dreams from my Father, about his Kenyan born father.
Obama's name sounds a bit like Osama, this might be difficult in the USA.

He has been a vocal opponent of the Iraq War since 2002.

Recently, allegations that he trained at a school for Islamic Fundamentalists has surfaced but has been rubbished as entirely untrue. The Black vote is still in the Clinton camp, and many Blacks are asking why so many White people find Obama such an attractive prospect.
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Barack Obama is the recently elected President of the United States and the first African American to ever hold the top position in America. Born in 1961, in Hawaii, Obama’s childhood and youth reflects in many ways an increasingly “typical” twentieth century coming-of-age story, in a country that has become one of the most ethnically diverse nations in the world. While Obama’s late mother, Ann Dunham, was a white American from Kansas, his father—Barack Obama Sr.—was an African, originally from Kenya. As a child, the young Barack Obama knew almost nothing about his father and had virtually no contact with him, since his parents separated when he was only two years old, and his father eventually moved back to Kenya.

Childhood and Growing Up
Obama had a more adventurous childhood than many Americans his age, and he also had the opportunity to see much more of the world. When Obama was only six years old, he moved with his mother to Indonesia, after she married Lolo Soetoro, an Indonesian university student in Hawaii. Obama spent four years studying in Jakarta, Indonesia, and this aspect of his youth came back to haunt him during the 2008 Presidential Election campaign. Many of the Democratic candidate’s Republican opponents and right-wing radio hosts suggested that Obama was a Muslim and that he attended a Madrasa, which is a type of Islamic school. This, however, was incorrect and served mainly to make Obama appear foreign, “un-American” and possibly dangerous. In fact, Obama’s educational records show that he first attended a large public school in Jakarta, and then a Roman Catholic institution.

Coming of Age
In 1971, as an elementary school student, Obama moved back to the United States, but without his mother, who chose to stay in Indonesia. Obama was taken in by his grandparents, who ended up raising him, in absence of his parents. By 1979, however, Obama had completed secondary school and he decided to move away from home, in order to attend college in Los Angeles, California. But Obama did not complete his college program, and instead decided to continue his post-secondary education at New York City’s world-renowned Columbia University. Obama’s choice to major in political science probably helped pave the way for his entry into politics, two decades later.

Yet before Obama entered the political fray, he made a detour and joined the world of social workers. This allowed him to see how so many US citizens—particularly African Americans—experienced abject poverty every day, despite living in the most powerful country in the world. Obama's decision to move to Chicago opened his eyes to issues of social justice, discrimination and communities plagued by crime, as he worked as a program director for a Catholic-based community group, which tried to help poverty-stricken residents find employment, housing and get an education.

Young Adulthood
It was also in Chicago that Obama first met Reverend Jeremiah Wright, a highly controversial African American pastor. Wright’s fire and brimstone sermons and his comments concerning the alleged role of the US government in the spread of AIDS, as well as the fact that he equated American foreign and military policy with “state terrorism,” threatened to derail Obama’s bid for the Democratic nomination in March 2008, when recordings of the pastor’s scandalous accusations surfaced in the media. Although Obama had a close relationship with Reverend Wright until that point, he was forced to distance himself from comments that could have destroyed his campaign and hand the nomination over to his rival, Democratic rival, Senator Hillary Clinton.

Yet Obama’s relationship with Wright during the 1970s and 1980s was important, because it helped form his own Christian religious views. Obama’s mother was secular and he grew up in a largely non-religious household. As such, it was only as an adult—once Obama had moved to New York City and then to Chicago—that he began to explore both religion and spirituality. Since then, Obama has been a practicing Christian and a member of the United Church of Christ. Obama has spoken more about his personal faith publically than either Hillary Clinton, or Republican Presidential candidate John McCain, perhaps in part to dispel completely unsubstantiated rumours that he was at one point a Muslim.

An important aspect of Obama’s personal life is his marriage to Michelle LaVaughn Robinson in October 1992, several years after the two had met while working together at a law firm. Both pursued their educations and busy professional careers, and there are indications that their relationship may have suffered because of this. In fact, Obama concedes in his memoir, The Audacity of Hope, that work and travel often got in the way of their personal lives, and that their relationship occasionally lacked romance as a result of everyday stress and frustration. Michelle Obama did, however, eventually give birth to two girls.

Political Career
After a 12 year academic career as a lecturer of constitutional law at the University of Chicago, Obama’s political career took off in 1998, when he became a senator in Illinois.  Obama’s political interests and his legislative activity as a senator focused very clearly on social justice issues, often associated with the left-wing of the Democratic Party. Above all, these included health care legislation, as well as the protection of loan-seekers from predatory mortgages. These are simply mortgages where the client is stuck with hefty interests and other conditions that put him/her at a major disadvantage.

Obama made the transition to American federal political in November 2004, when he won a seat in the US Senate. The junior senator from Illinois was immediately seen as rising star within the Democratic Party and he developed a reputation for his strong oratorical skills. Yet few analysts would have even dared to assume that just four years later, Obama would become the President of the United States, since he was considered too inexperienced politically, at least at the national level. Additionally, most Democrats expected that Hillary Clinton would become the party’s nominee for President, and that her campaign and election would amount to a coronation. Virtually nobody expected that Obama would overtake Clinton during the primaries, not even veteran political journalists like Charles Krauthammer, who wrote a lengthy article in late 2007 claiming that Obama would be a likely contender for President in 2012 or in 2016, but that he stood very little chance of winning in 2008. Krauthammer and most other respected columnists were entirely wrong.

Presidential Victory
Obama’s key to victory was a surprise win in Iowa, at the very beginning of the primary season. By winning, he showed that it was possible to beat Clinton, even if she had her husband, former President Bill Clinton, behind her and a whole army of high-ranking supporters in the Democratic Party. Obama’s luck took off in January 2008 and continued uninterrupted until he clenched the Democratic nomination on June 3, 2008.

During the presidential election campaign, Obama made sure not to appear too left-leaning, so as not to alienate centrist or centre-right voters. It was very important for Obama to create the impression that he was a moderate Democrat, because many analysts had pointed to his particularly liberal voting record as a US Senator. As such, Obama was careful when handling issues such as abortion and gay rights. While he endorsed a woman’s right to choose whether or not to have an abortion, he flatly stated that he opposed same-sex marriage, because it was contrary to his Christian beliefs. Obama did, however, suggest that he could support same-sex civil unions. Yet at the core of Obama’s approach was a new foreign policy. Obama became hugely popular in Europe—with hundreds of thousands of people in Berlin going out to see him give a speech—because he wanted to restore America’s reputation as a player within the international community, after former President George Bush’s two terms in office.

After winning the presidential race against Republican John McCain in November 2008, Obama started his term in office by promising to withdraw from Iraq in the foreseeable future, to shut down the highly controversial Guantanamo Bay prison camp for suspected terrorists and to seek a new peace process between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Obama’s big problem, however, is that he is already finding it difficult to please the large and diverse crowds of people who supported him, and environmentalists who are feeling sidelined, have started to voice their concerns, wondering whether Obama will really be any different from other presidents.
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Sorry, I didnt read all of your answer, but it seems like you did your research! I gave you 5 star rating. :)
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He is the President of the United State.
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He is the president of the United states!
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He is an evil, evil man, who makes me vomit.
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he is a person made of flesh and blood and bone just like you and me ,he is the president of the USA and hopefully; our hope for the betterment of this country's future
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O MY GOD UR SERIOUS!if you live in the us u would know that he is the president and he used to be the governor of I think kenntucky but I can't remember

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