What Does Barack Obama Stand For?


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One thing for sure is that he does not stand for the American Flag.
I believe that this man may very well stand for, or is the Anti-Christ and that America will soon discover the true nature of the person that they elected as President.
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His  voting record suggest that he is a very liberal Democrat.  That means he is for big government with lots of rules and regulations but has lost of entitlements for the people such as farm subsidies, mandatory federal healthcare, business  bailouts, etc.  To do that taxes will be increased but he wants it to be levied from the very rich.  He believes in income redistribution.
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He stands for allowing his constituents to be involved with the issues of this country as it was to suppose to be set up,instead it has been mostly ran by special interest groups and the people found out after the fact,the country belongs to the people,and we should have some say in its going ons,agree,agree.....
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This country doesn't belong to one group of people or money danglers it belongs to the people.......
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He stands for everyone having an equal amount of pay, property, and possessions. He believes government can supply your needs and that private wealth should be discouraged. His beliefs are found on any communist or socialist website you care to visit.
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Barack Obama stands for Barack Obama only, and the heck with the people. How can that man sleep at night. He loves to be arrogant, and turns his nose up to the people who voted him in office
I have no use for the man period.

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