What does everyone think about Barack Obama?


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I don't like him.

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I figured the best way to research this question would be to look at what people using Google think about the President.

So I typed in "Barack Obama is a..." and looked at the suggested searches:

Apparently people suspect the president of being everything from an alien to a terrorist!

This made me curious, what do people really think about other global figures and celebrities? So I continued searching...

Surprisingly, people think Oprah is a racist too!

So what happens when you search for someone that actually IS a racist?

Ok so definitely a jerk and a twerp, not so much on the other two...

But from what I'd seen so far, it seemed like there was a lot of hate on the internet. And I started wondering if I could find someone that the planet actually liked.

How about Miley Cyrus? She's pretty popular right now isn't she?

I guess not! Maybe all that twerking and licking sledge hammers has killed her reputation...

But what about Justin Bieber? There are surely enough 12-year old girls on the interweb for Google to suggest at least a few positive things about him

Wrong again! He's a brat, a prick, a douche and a jerk. That's pretty harsh.

So then I made it my mission: I needed to find someone who the world could not possibly have anything bad to say about!

Maybe the Pope?

Ok I half expected that. But seriously, what about Johnny Depp? "Guys want to be him, girls want to be with him" and all that..

A BAD ACTOR?? What is wrong with these people? Have they not seen Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas? He spent a year living with Hunter S Thompson to prepare for that role! 

Ok, ok. obviously I needed to dig deeper into my knowledge and understanding of the human race. 

What is the one thing everybody loves? 


Oh my god! The internet thinks Ronald McDonald is a sex offender??

I was obviously in some parallel universe where all that was good in the world was being tainted and besmirched by cynicism and hatred. 

So I tried switching things up.

What happens when I start searching for bad guys?

Badass! Now we're getting somewhere...

What about an evil dictator like Saddam Hussein?

Good man, good leader... we're getting more positive people!

How about his old friend George Bush?

 Mixed opinions about his presidency, but hold up! A cheerleader??

Apparently so...

But I think, taking into account all the searches I tried, the one that worried me the most was probably this:

Who searches for that???

Then again, they do kind of have a point...

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