What Grade Would You Give Barack Obama For His First Year In Office?


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A Zero
hes worthless !!
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D- which is one of my highest.  Usually an F will do.  In fact, I can't remember giving anyone else above an F.  I don't see our Presidents as for the American people.  They make nice nice with foreigners and spend our money as bribes to them.
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A C-
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You have to remember he isn't in it alone... He has a council for just about everything and they are not holding up their end of the bargain either....and some of them have been at it longer than president obama has been in actual world politics.if he gets a c- they are in the D range for not upholding their duties of office.
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A "C" also.  He's all show and no go.
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It's a tough one given the circumstances he took office in. I wold give him a B for effort.

Can you imagine a teacher been given a new post as principal at a school that's just gone bankrupt, all the teachers had to be replaced, all the kids are angry and scared stiff with gang violence at the school,the principal can't make any decisions without the whole board of education voting and the media watching and a controlling board that actually makes the decisions, and on top of this kids dying in foreign countries; alot of the kids are sick with no proper care available to them, all the teachers are retiring and there is no money to pay them pensions - and the principal has to cope with all this after less than a  year and then be graded ? I would like to see anyone do all that is expected of one person in one year. That must be the messiah!
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I'm not overjoyed with his performance. Yes, the economy has started to recover. I do think it would have rebounded on its own. I don't think his stimulus money has done anything more then raise our national deficit. With his proposed health plan, he wants to reform something he knows nothing about.

I'd give him a D.
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Well, considering what he states in his conversation to the media.
He sounds like a grade school just got of grade 9 with his first job.
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I'd say b4 the christmas attack he was doing B (bcz no one could really get annoyed at him for anything big which is why they got angry at him for what beer he drinks), but he has to start trying to get congress to actually try and side with him same goes for the media, and to be honest i'd rather have him as president then Sarah Palin

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