What are some names of major cities in Ireland?


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Well, there are Dublin and Cork. All other towns are pretty small - Limerick and Galway are probably the next largest after the first two. Ireland gave up urban drift (good) and national development (bad) after they gained Independence from the British Empire. (Like pretty much every other country that decided to leave).

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We don't understand it either!
Ray Dart
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I could probably explain, in a reasonably neutral way, how the Ireland/Northern Ireland Great Britain/Ireland relationship REALLY is - but guys your side of the pond prefer to see a more romantic vision of Ireland (and there is nothing wrong with that, but it does introduce a confusing and inaccurate picture of how things are/were). Say "Shut up Ray!"
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No, it's fine. We only know what our media tells us. I just asked a question about Margaret Thatcher that has always made me curious.

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