Why are so many black people so racially sensitive? Many other races of people also experienced a LOT of disgusting mistreatment. But so many black people act like we're the only group that's suffered. Is it ignorance or idiocy?


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I remember standing in the crush waiting to board a Ryanair flight from Amsterdam to London. There was a black guy standing in front of me with a priority board bass.

The woman in charge shouted out for "Anyone with a priority pass please come forward!" The black guy didn't move.

"You've got a priority pass!" I pointed out to the chap.

"I don't want to look like a pushy ni**er" he said.

Years of being treated as an underclass will do that to you.  We have to understand the sensitivity.

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Honestly, it's both. African Americans think that people pick on them because of their color. That's not true for all people. Some people yes, but not all people. They just need to stop! Honestly, if you do a crime you're doin the time. 

Doesn't matter your color, anything that happens to them they blame it on their color. It's not that! The past is the past! They need to let it go.

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I find that there's a lot of emphasis on racism against black in history class nowadays. And they don't put as much emphasis or emphasize other forms of slavery like they do with black slavery.

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