Are there any cultural things you do to protect yourself (rituals or beliefs)? also any habits? (please mention your age)


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I sometimes draw anime Angels on my arm with good luck cutie in a speech bubble 15

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I like to try to have Viking beliefs  but my pessimism sometimes gets in the way . I possess many habits. I line up all my boxed wrestling figures and make sure each series and shape of the box lines up correctly not one out of line or in the wrong group . When I eat for every bite I take I chew 50 times whilst counting even if I chew down to the most minuscule granniouls . When I work at a desk in school I most positition everything in its correct straight order to the 180 degree books, and which pen goes where this applies. For slanted things connected to walls as well like for instance portraits they should not be slanted it's not right so I stop this .  

When someone touches me I like to put my portable sanitizer over the certian area. If I read something or here something new I always try to discover if this information has been presented to the upmost truthful integrity. So I check various different sources and compare results and when I pick up a guitar for some playing I always play a couple of scales first usally the end by the doors and day tripper by the Beatles  first and then fingertap for 2 minutes

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