Do you think that the Prosecutor charging 6 officer's in Freddie Gray's death has anything to do with the rioting? Were they pressured to charge them? Or do they have sufficient evidence?


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From all the media reports? It's really hard to tell or believe anymore. I don't think the prosecutor really had anything to do with it but I do think they were pressured into charging the officers. I think they are doing that because of nationwide opinion and pressure. I've seen and read so many conflicting reports that this is a really good question that may never be answered truthfully.

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Darling Divaa
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Hi Rooster. The only reason i asked this was because Maryland prosecutor Marilyn Mosby and the Gray family attorney are friends and he was one of her biggest financial supporters when she ran for office. Something just doesn't sit right with me. Something went terribly wrong after Freddie Gray was arrested and transported that much we know but i agree i don't think we'll ever truly know what happened. Thanks for your insight Rooster (:
Rooster Cogburn
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I know ! I've done some research on this and it just ALL sounds fishy! Only the $$$$ seem to matter anymore. Where's Marshall Dillon when you need him?
Darling Divaa
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I know sad isn't it? A human life got lost in all this. For sure on Matt Dillon (:

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