What are the best gifts for Fathers day?


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Darling Divaa answered

My dad enjoys being taken out for a nice brunch with my brothers, nieces and myself. We have a wait staff take a picture of all of us. I have been putting a scrap book together for many years. My dad doesn't know about it yet. We plan on giving it to him on his 85th birthday next year (: Every father is different but anything from the heart is all it takes to show how much he is loved and how much you care...

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Iron Man answered

Every father is different while every father is the same. They may like different things, but they are common in loving their children with all their hearts. So, it doesn't matter what you give to him. It only matters whether it is filled with your love to him. I believe as long as you pay close attention to his favors, you have got an answer in your heart.

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