What Is The Best Homemade Gift To Give A Husband, For Valentines Day?


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R Maye answered
I made my husband a scrap book. I put the words to our favorite song and pictures of our past travels. It actually came out very nice. We decided to skip the flowers, candy and dining out. Instead we went out for a banana split. We had a really great time. It was simple, casual, and sharing a banana split was romantic!
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C thomson answered
A hand written card from you, you can enclose something of memory to you both that makes you smile. This Holiday has lost anything close to Love is its based on the cost of things. You can also enclose a hand made coupon book of favours that only you can give to him. (smile) Let him choose how he wants the favour. Don't give more coupons then your willing to make good on. It could be just giving him a day of silence.
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Fred Jones answered
I know this is a little late but maybe good for next year. My husband once gave me a booklet of coupons. Each coupon I had to figure out what it meant before I could cash it in. There were things such as "a walk in the clouds" that meant a peaceful nap. There were back rubs, dinners and a few private ones. She put some real thought into it but it didn't cost a thing. One of the best gifts I ever received.

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