I Want To Make My Dad A Good Homemade Christmas Gift But I Dont Know What To Make What Should I Do?


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Go to cafe art and make him something if you don't no what that is go on google and type it he will LOVEE ITT
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You could bake him cookies or his favorite desert or goodies. If you are good at small woodworking projects, you could make him a little container for the remote controls or something else he values or uses. If you are good at writing your feelings down on paper, you could make a decorative document stating all the things you appreciate about him ...his personality, interactions with you, things he does, etc. Then you could frame it and give it to him. You could make him a coupon booklet with coupons promising services, accompaniment, aid or whatever you are willing to provide like free lawn mowing, car wash, home cooked dinner, help with his next project or repair job, an hour of honest and attentive communication, accompaniment to an entertainment place of his choosing, dinner out on you, chore of his choosing done by you, etc. Tailor them to agree with the kind of things he likes that you are willing or able to provide. Each coupon could say something like, "This coupon entitles its bearer to a free ______ (chore, service, help, transportation, hour of communication, gift, accompaniment, etc.) provided by ______ (your name) upon presentation.” Then he could choose when and where to cash in on them, so to speak. I did a coupon booklet for my father once and he loved it. He didn’t even care that the coupons weren’t all that elaborate or decorative (as I was quite young when I did it). He just loved that I was willing to give of myself to him.

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