Valentine's Day Gift Idea For My Husband Any Ideas?


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There are many different ways you can make your husband's Valentine's day special- and you don't even need to break the bank in the process! Here are a few personal suggestions that will have him purring:

What to get your husband for Valentine's Day Although Valentine's Day isn't only about giving out gifts, there's no denying that men love receiving presents. Being spontaneous and surprising him is a really great idea and, if you really want to tantalize him, I'd let slip a few days in advance that you've got something planned (without telling him exactly what you've got in mind).
The trick to choosing a gift for your husband is to show him how much you know him.
One fun idea would be to make a list of small items that you can hide around the house for your husband to find.
Alternatively, you may want to find something he's really passionate about and get involved! Whether this means taking him out to watch a hockey game, or even visiting a spa together, quality time where you're both having fun will make any Valentine's Day memorable.

Feeding your man on Valentine's Day Most women will testify that the way to a man's heart is his stomach. For this reason, putting together a mouth-watering Valentine's Day meal for your husband to enjoy is a fail-proof way for making him happy.
According to a study on the diet of the American male, men like chowing down on meaty comfort food. Top of the man-food list is:
  • Shepherd's Pie
  • Club Steak
  • Prime Rib/BBQ Ribs
  • Meatloaf
  • Spaghetti and Meatballs
You'll probably be well acquainted with the dishes that your husband loves, so cooking up something that will have him licking his lips shouldn't be a problem. If you're not confident in your culinary skills, I wouldn't worry too much about slaving away behind a stove to put together something that your husband will struggle to chew (although he may appreciate the effort). Ordering food from his favourite takeaway and enjoying it in a romantic candle-lit setting works just as well.

Valentine's Day in the bedroom Whilst you shouldn't heap any unnecessary pressure on yourself to become some kind of Valentine's Day nymphomaniac, there is really no better way to express your feelings towards your husband than by going down the 'physical route' and having a romantic sexual encounter.
Everyone will have different sexual preferences and, again, knowing your husband well will really help in this department. The main thing to keep in mind is that you want to try and make the night special. Try to deviate from your 'usual sexual routine' and make this an evening to remember by coming up with ideas that you know will 'wow' him.
Ideas for a passionate night include:
  • Performing a striptease
  • Dressing up or role playing
  • Go out for dinner wearing a sexy outfit under a trench-coat
  • Visiting a sex shop together and coming up with some ideas you'd both like to try
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I agree with the previous poster's answer! In addition, how about a foot & hand massage? I treated my husband to a pedicure once (I went with him) & he loved it! Very relaxing. You could do it yourself at home though with one of those foot bath contraptions. A nice soak, pumice the heels. Mainly the massage with lovely moisturizers. And don't forget his hands. My husband loves when I do this for him. Good luck!
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Thanks!!! An at home massage, feet, hands... and I can think of one more massage to give him that he'll really be pleased with (wink). Thanks!
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I made my husband 12 heart shaped cookie and in 12 different languages wrote I love you on them.
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Last year I made a trail of hershey kisses from the door to the bathroom, and in the shower I had roses hanging from the shower head, with a big poster that that I have kissed the ground you walked on and showered you with roses will you be my valentine?  He laughed pretty hard at the "corniness" but none the less it got the point across.
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Candlelight dinner, light dinner because afterwards a warm bubble bath, with chocolate covered strawberries and Champagne. Nice sensual music... But no hanky panky until we get to the bedroom.  Body oils so we can caress our bodies He gets a choice from my homemade sexy coupn book of what he wants for this special evening.
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Ooooo....pamper him! Give him a day where he doesn't have to do ANYTHING he doesn't want to. Serve a meal with all red foods- baked redskin potatoes, grilled chicken with roasted red peppers, red wine (or sparkling juice), or try any number of
red foods! Give him a scavenger hunt- hide wine glasses, champagne (or cheap wine/sparkling juice), candles, CDs of romantic music, etc. With clues to find the next "sexy" item. It would be fun if the last clue led to you in the bed! :)  I hope your Valentines Day rocks!
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I say you should just write him a love letter. That would be sweet. Then you could spend the money on yourself.
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A love letter is a sweet and lasting gift that he could pull out and read anytime. About keeping the money, I'd rather spend it on him... I can't think of anything I really want that costs under $40, but that's the budget we set. Thank you. HVD!
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Every year I give my husband a sexy picture of myself.  Now I can have them enhanced to make me look great.  Also, I always make sure to get a wallet size print that he can carry with him.  It's a lot of fun and always sparks our love life as well and hot conversations when he is on the road.
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Its a very special day for a women to show the effection on her husband. The day was to make a special to him as first to wish him that day. Dressed as he like and make the candle dinner that day with a gift. We have a chance to express the love to him how much we do on them by recalling the past days we both met each other.Obviously they will impress.
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Do you cook for him? You can do that for your budgeted amount. You can buy him a book of "love coupons" at the stationary store he can redeem at his leisure. What won't he buy for himself? Like really good wool socks or gloves for work? Get them at a camping store. How about a book on barbequeing? Go to the cheapie boook section at barnes and noble. How about a pound of organic coffee and a special coffee cup? What about a special breakfast you can make instead of dinner (let him take you out for that!) how about any book he's been wanting to get? Or, just write him a love letter. When was the last time you did that? Good luck, I'm single and don't have that headache this year!
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There are so many ideas on this page you may not need any more... But in case you do still want to get something, how about  something individual - like buy him a mug and decorate it yourself, or make up a little photo album with some of your happiest moments.

Hope everyone who reads this page has a really great day!
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Hey. I know which gift would be the best for him. Give him a girl. All men dream about it. You can contact escorts Adelaide and find out how much it costs. I'm sure he dreams about it. All men are like that and that's okay. If you want to strengthen your relationship, then this is the best option.

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Since you are having your budget for a gift, a spa gift vouchers will fit in. Search for a spa resorts in your town that offers an affordable spa gift vouchers and have it as your present.
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Bring an old fashioned love symbol to your lives.  Carve your initials and a heart into a tree outside your bedroom window so that only the 2 of you can see from your bedroom.
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Tattoo your names on each other, but only if your married. Or get the same tattoo, thats small. It should cost around 40 bucks.
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It depends maybe a new movie that came out are maybe he just wants to be with the one he love.

I think the thing which keep both remember like watch ring and share your happy memory.
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Get him a watch or a motorcycle. Or just follow you're heart and get him what YOU think/know he likes. Good luck. I hope I helped you!!! Happy

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