I Need Original, Creative Homemade Valentines Day Gift Ideas. Can Anybody Help?


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Get her a some of her fav flowers, and attatch to each stem something you love about her......so for each stem is a statement telling her why you love her or what you love about her
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I can tell you about a couple that I have used into the past on Valentines Day, they are homemade gifts, but they require a little bit of effort.
My girlfriend was chocoholic (you can replace this with anything you like), I bought her a nice photo frame from the shops and cut out the words 'I love you' in chocolate wrappers. Then I stuck the words inside the frame on a piece of lovely card that I'd bought from an art shop, whole thing cost about £10. (plus I got to eat the chocolate myself!)
Next, is to write someone a poem, nothing poncy or flashy, just a few stanzas of how you feel, it can be silly or serious.
How about making you the gift, that is maybe making the person a meal or giving them a message or some other sexy gift?
Why not try putting together a collection of photos of the person (as long as you aren't stalking them) and putting them together as a collage with pictures of you.
Hope these help. They've all worked for me!
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Go to your local wine. Shop or cigar store and get an empty cigar box. Paper mache with desired paper-find good stuff at the Dollar store in the craft section. Add costume jewelry pieces from stuff in your drawer that you don't wear anymore or from a flea market/thrift shop. Hot glue or E-6000 jewelry glue that stuff to the box. Line thetbox with felt square you can get for 50 cents at joannes fabrics or some such place.  Good luck! Also paper mache with doilies for an aunt, mom or sister!
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Go to cafe art and make her somthing if you don't no what that is go on google and research + some flowers MAKE SURE SHES NOT ALERGECT :)

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