What Can I Get My Girlfriend For Valentines Day?


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What to get a girlfriend for Valentine's day is something lots of partners ask themselves in the run up to February 14th. With the amount of specially made and advertised products available these days, it's no wonder people get confused about what gift to get!

Ideas of what to buy my girlfriend for Valentines day. Traditional gifts include:
  • Chocolates
  • Flowers (especially roses)
  • Jewelry
  • Sexy underwear.
What often makes a gift special though, is how much it reflects your girlfriend's personality and shows that you truly understand and appreciate her qualities. And, since often no-one knows her better than you, you probably have the answer already, even if you don't know it yet!

Presents for her: Show how well you know her. The most important question to consider is what kind of person your girlfriend is? The more your gift reflects how much your know her, the more it will be likely to impress her.

Perhaps you heard your girlfriend mention that she's got a secret passion for Microbiology? Then maybe a great way to woo her on Valentine's day would be to buy her a soft-toy of a microbe such as E.coli and arrange a visit to a microbiology lab.

Does she enjoy glamorous nights out? Does she have a taste for designer brands and sparkly jewelry? Then maybe her Valentine's day wishlist would look something like this:
  • Bottle of Champagne
  • Pair of Christian Laboutin shoes
  • Bvlgari diamond necklace

Maybe your girlfriend is a huge fan of a musician, band, or sports team? Taking her to a gig, show or sporting event would be a great idea, especially since it gives you both a chance to spend a special night together.

Ideas for Valentines day for her Some girlfriends would value a romantic night-in together more than anything money could buy, in that case maybe you could try searching for a tasty recipe and cook her a romantic meal involving candles and red wine before luring her to the bedroom for a special homemade Valentines version of Twister.

Sometimes catching her off guard can make a gift more special, so perhaps pretending you forgot to buy her anything only to bring her home and unleash an elaborate surprise present might be the way to go- just be careful she doesn't initially get too upset at hearing that you forgot to buy her anything and ends up driving off in tears, with your car, all the way to her parent's house whilst you're left to catch the bus home where a hot-air balloon is waiting to take off from your back garden to the sound of a mariachi quartet that's being paid by the hour!

There's no end to the list of possible Valentine's day gifts, the main thing to think about is trying to make the night special for her and showing her that you care for and understand her.
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Think about what it is your girlfriend likes. Flowers, chocolates, CD or cuddly toys are usually the best gifts for valentine's Day, but you may want to make it even more special. Try arranging a surprise for her, such as a meal. Think of the places she likes to visit and treat her to a day out there.

Valentine's Day
is more than just gifts though, so be sure to give your girlfriend lots of attention and if you do take her out somewhere, make sure that she is enjoying herself. Do as much as you can to make your together as enjoyable as possible. If you have money to spare, perhaps you could book a hotel room somewhere and have a romantic weekend away.

If you get your girlfriend a gift that she likes then you can't go wrong, but it is nice to have surprises too, so perhaps you could do a combination of both.
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There are so many things you can do for this day. There's nothing wrong with all the traditional things like flowers, chocolates etc - they're traditional for a good reason, ie people like them! But you are probably thinking about something more unusual. Here are a few ideas:

Buy an unusual gift, something you know she likes - it doesn't have to be jewellery or underwear. It could be a book, a music CD, tickets to a concert - try putting out a few feelers beforehand, to get ideas.

Making your own gift is always a sign of love. Some people make their own cards, others write poems, special love letters or whatever. Or if you are a good cook, you could always surprise her with a lovely meal - and if you aren't, how about your favourite takeaway and a romantic or sexy DVD?

Doing things for the person you love is often better than giving them gifts - if you pour her a drink, offer to run her a bath or organise a meal - especially if you don't often do these things - it's sure to be appreciated.

Valentine's Day doesn't have to be about surprises at all. Another way is to talk together a few days earlier about what you would both like to do - that way you may come up with ideas for all kinds of things to do together at any time in the year.

If you decide to get something traditional like chocolates or flowers, do give it some thought. Which flowers are her favourites, or is there a flower associated with her name, some connection like that? And several small presents are very often more fun than one big one  - how about getting a lot of little things - something tasty like chocolate or whatever, a bottle of something you both like to drink, a CD, a little bracelet or something - and putting them all in a nice basket.

Hope you have a lovely day together - you are going to  a lot of trouble for your girlfriend and I'm sure she will appreciate it. Who knows, she may have planned a surprise for you too!

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Every year, we're bombarded by advertisers with ideas for Valentine's gifts. Any nice gift will go over well, but you might want to consider what your girlfriend likes and what is special to her. That will show that you really know her well!
Think about some of her favourite things - whether its perfume, flowers, chocolate, scarves, stuffed animals, or remote control cars! Whatever it is that she likes - if you get it for her, you know she's going to like it!
Also, a Valentine's gift doesn't need to cost much. It's actually kind of nice that way. It seems to be less affected by the materialistic message of advertisers than the other big holidays like Christmas. A simple rose and a love poem (composed by yourself perhaps!) make a true, heartfelt gift.
Valentine's Day is all about love, of course, and that's free.
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i think poem would be great! When i was in high school, i got a lot, but now when people grow up and become less romantic!
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Good thinking seastar, a thoughtful act seems to be a good idea. How about a card hid in your partners favorite part of the house.
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Tell her how you love her!! Kiss in forehead, nose many times!! It's sexy. Make a Valentine's postcard by yourself. Write a song/poem. Sing a serenade under the balcony. GIVE HER YOUR HEART, YOUR LOVE, YOUR TOUCH, YOUR SMELL!!! Take her hand and don't  let go. 
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Expensive gift are fun to get but if you get her something that has a lot of meaning to her she might like it more, for intense like something where you first meet, or how you asked her out or something like that.
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Well,it depends what she likes.Like take this for an example if she likes arts and crafts you can make a hand-made card.If she likes to travel a lot you can take her to a place she wants to go to I wold recommend Mexico or San Diego.If she is sporty you can get her tickets to a basketball game or have her meet her favorite athlete.A good thing is giving her a fact that you love her
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Give her a jar with two goldfish......she`ll feed them to keep love alive.....don't forget to tell her...these fish are your love and you've to keep feeding them to keep it alive and growing [:)]
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Originality is key! Write her a poem from your heart, or a homemade card, to put the poem in. Guarantee she'll love it if it came from your heart.
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You can get her something that really shows how you feel like buy her a some jewerlly with something engraved on it or just go with something traditional like flowers and a box of chocolates.
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Girls  like  stuff  animals  and
Valentines Day  card
Also  can  get  her  a  gift
certificate   to  a  favorite
place  where  she  may like
to  go  
Also  maybe she needs
something  like  a  new
cell  phone
Get  her  a  engagement
ring  and  surprise  her
with  that , If    she  is
ready   for  that
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C just make a beautiful portrait of her .for those who r not good at drawing don't worry when you draw 4 your beloved it always come from your heart ,so the painting will always cum in a nice shape
...and  if it doesn't work then make something from your own hands so that it looks special and your love toward her will look real and make her feel that you really love her and your relations becomes stronger.
A nice aquarium, lovely cake and a beautiful flower with a big teddy bear.
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It'd so cute and perfect to give her a teddy bear!!! I have always dreamt about teddy bear.... Unfortunately, nobody wants to give it to me...
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What shall I get for my boyfriene
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Putting some effort in and making a card will always go down well, you don't have to be an artist, just use your creativity.  Your girlfriend will realise how much you mean to her by the fact that you've taken time out of your day to make it.

Jewellery always goes down well, a necklace can be worn every day and isn't as suggestive as a ring!  I advise checking out it is a niche website which has jewellery that's a bit different.  The pieces are classy and cute, I'd definitely suggest looking on there for a gift.
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royally all traffic ..... R.a.t. Chocolate, hearts, cherries, strawberries, ice cream, get her a sundae with all the stuff she loves.
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An edible fruit basket is a nice gift. I received one for mothers day and I really enjoyed something different.
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Your gift has to be thoughtful but it doesn't need to be expensive. Also, let's remember that women love to be complimented. So, what could be a great gift:
A feminine, stylish, and unique accessory, like a scarf. Why?
1) It's a relatively inexpensive gift.
Women love them. Trust me. I have seen it with my own eyes how they go
crazy over them! It's like they never go out of style.
3) You don't have to worry over sizes or anything like that!!

Here are some interesting items you can consider:

- a chic ruffle scarf -a colorful lycra scarf
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A gift doesn't have to be expensive. But it should be thoughtful and also of the like of your girlfriend. Also remember that women love to be feminine and also love to be complimented. So, my solution to you, which I believe is also the perfect gift:

A feminine, stylish, and unique accessory, like a scarf. Why?
1) It's a relatively inexpensive gift.
2) Women love them. Trust me. I have seen it with my own eyes how they go crazy over them! It's like they never go out of style.
3) You don't have to worry over sizes or anything like that!!

Below you will find a few links to items that you could give your girlfriend from a site that sells really nice things but at affordable prices:

- a soft, warm pashmina scarf/shawl - an interesting knit infinity scarf
- a cool pom pom scarf
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Okay first of all my names not guest it's Kiley second of all I am 13 I have a boyfriend we've dated for 3 months but we've liked each other for 4 YEARS  now yes we love chocolates just something simple and yes we like stuffed animals. I don't know why but my boyfriends scent almost makes me dizzy! Go ahead laugh I am not ashamed. But I would actually love to get a StuffIt that smells like him. If you wear clone spray a BIT on but not too little you can't even smell it. If you don't then it's probably your laundry detergent soo throw it in the dryer with the rest of your laundry. And one more suggestion, we've never dated anyone else but each other in our whole lives and we've never kissed.. YET! If you've never kissed your girlfriend before then kiss her for valentines day to her it would be soo romantic if you have already kissed her then give her something else too plus a pasionate kiss.

      Hope this helps ( espeicailly for begginers like me )
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Along with the traditional card and candy hand her an envelope with coupons for nice things you'll do for her without question when she hands you the coupon ;) things like a back rub, foot massage, take her dancing, out to eat. Just be creative and think of things she really likes that you two normally have little time for so it's extra special ;)
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Well all I can say is that all you have to give is your love and loyalty. Materials things are not that important but if you insist, you can give her flowers and a pet.
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How about a promise ring with a signed and notarized pledge from you saying your not going to get her pregnant and then leave her all alone to take care of your baby....
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You can get her chocolates, a rose, and if she wears earrings then also  a necklace and earrings
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Get her a cute necklace with flowers and a little chocolate box. Then a cute card signed by you with a little cute message(:
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As a girl I think something like this would be perfect.  It allows me to pick the exact pair of shoes I want, shows that my boyfriend cares enough to find something I will truly cherish.  I am not one one for spending money on things for the sake of them, I think the rule of the perfect gift is something the receiver wants but wouldn't actually buy for themselves is always key. (I have posted it around hoping he might see it!)
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Maybe the receipt to the LA fitness center that I am paying for or maybe even all the reciepts of when we go places and I spend money on her I don't believe it only has to be one day of love I do it all the time
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Something original, no chocolates give her a nice card and take her out to dinner you might get something a kittle extra afterwards

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