I Am 13 And I Don't Know What To Get My Girlfriend For Valentines Day. Does Anyone Have Any Ideas?


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Getting a Valentines Day gift for your girlfriend can be really tricky. You want something that will show her how much you care, but you also don't want to be tacky. Having a teenage daughter myself, I know just how important that can be!

If you're stuck for ideas, here are a few that I can think of:

What to get a 13 year old girl for Valentines Day

13 is an important age. It is a time when girls are entering their last year of junior high, and are making that transition into an adult. I would recommend getting your girlfriend something that is fun, but also a little more mature than a cute teddy bear.

Teenage Valentines gifts

A gift doesn't need to be expensive, but it just needs to show you care. Jewelry can be a good idea - I'm sure she'll enjoy showing it off to all her friends at school, but I wouldn't spend too much on an item (you'll have plenty of time to do that when you're an adult).

One idea I really like is getting some customized jewelry for her- perhaps a necklace with both your initials on it?

Another suggestion would be to get her tickets to see her favorite musician or band.I know my daughter would be over the moon if a boy were to buy her Justin Bieber tickets!

Whatever you choose to get her, I'm sure she'll love it as long as you've put effort into it!
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I am sure that you could get your girlfriend just about anything and it would make her happy coming from you!

Some easy gifts that are pretty, and tasty, and can be shared are heart-shaped boxes of chocolates. You do not even have to wrap them.

Flowers are always nice and very much the way to a lady's heart. Red ones are for love, and yellow for friendship.

You could plan a special night out with her, take her somewhere for dinner, and maybe dance or f go to a movie.

Some of my favorite Valentines were handmade. That way they say exactly what the sender wants to say.

For sure on Valentine's Day more than any other day when gifts are exchanged, it is the love with which the gift is given that is most important.
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Jewelry or roses or chocolates or a kiss. That's what I would want - or maybe a dinner date with parents?

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You may spend a great valentines day with her by gifting her roses, chocolate. Taking her on a ride and then gifting her a valentines cards. You spend a night with her too. 

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You know what, take her to the movies and then give her a rose, and... I don't know...
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It's kind of late but you could still get her a fuzzy little stuffed animal.

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