What Do You Get A Guy For Valentines Day? Any Ideas?


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Whilst Valentine's day is meant to be an exciting and romantic time of year, many women find themselves spending the run-up to the holiday worrying about what gift to get their loved one. Whilst every man is different, rest assured that all men love receiving presents!

Because of this, it's worth spending the time to find that really special gift that will show him just how much he means to you. Here is a quick guide to doing just that:

What not to get your guy for Valentine's Day Before we get started, I think it's worthwhile to just go through a few ideas I'd suggest you leave on the shelves. Whilst this may be a bit of a generalization, I'd recommend you cross the following from your list:
  • Teddy-bear (even a teddy-bear of his favourite sports team is borderline).
  • Chocolates
  • Flowers
  • A Kitten
  • Poetry
One factor that might have a bearing on what you cross off your list is the length of your relationship. Whilst it's OK for a wife or long-time girlfriend to buy something like his-and-hers matching pyjamas, giving that to someone you've only been seeing for 3 weeks might seem like you're fast-tracking things a bit.
Also, I should add at this point, buying a card is not a prerequisite. Even sending a sexy Valentine's text message is probably more powerful than a generic looking card you picked up at the supermarket.

What do men really want on Valentine's day? My first suggestion is to start with a man's weakness: His stomach. It's well known that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, so breakfast in bed is a really good idea. Pancakes, waffles, bacon, eggs.. You'll probably know what he likes to eat for breakfast, so make use of that insider information!
My next suggestion is to catch him by surprise. Yes, getting Call of Duty or the latest GTA instalment will go down well if your guy is into video games, but don't be too predictable.
Try and show him that you know him with your gift: One approach would be to pick something that he'd like, but that his mum wouldn't think to buy him.

Spending time together This can be a really great way to treat your man for Valentine's day, just make sure it doesn't backfire.
Don't go buying tickets to a ball game if you're going to be sitting there looking bored out of your head.
Try and pick something that you both genuinely enjoy, that way he will see how enthusiastic you can be about his passions. This will highlight how much you two have in common, and will remind him how lucky he is to have you.

Sexy Valentine's Day There are two days a year where not having sex is probably grounds for divorce: A man's birthday and Valentine's Day. The rules for Valentine's Day sex are as follows:
  • 'His' sexy not 'your' sexy- Whilst you might find a hot bath with scented candles romantic, ask yourself whether that will genuinely turn him on?
  • Keep it fun- Don't put too much pressure on yourself or him. If you don't enjoy it, it's unlikely he will either.
  • Make it special- It may sound obvious, but try making Valentine's sex something he'll remember for the rest of the year. Maybe this will mean being a bit more experimental or even renting out a room somewhere nice for the night, the important thing is to avoid the 'routine sex'. If you feel like you and your man have similar sexual tastes, you don't even have to surprise him on this one. You could simply approach your man and say "you've got one night- anything goes" and see what he comes up with.
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Get him a teddy bear, and if it's one that you can put things in, put like a love letter in it that tells him how much you love and cherrish him. Tell him things you wouldn't usually say, but make sure it's true lol.
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I'm going to take a little wooden box and paint it pink and red and decorate it, then I'm going to put 5 cupcakes in it(for the 5 months we would be going out by that time) and little treats in the box too!!!! Also on the lid of the box I might put a little quote from shakespeare that is very romantic and on the inside I might put a picture of us from homecoming or a poem that I might write.
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Does your BF have a hobby, like working on cars, or woodworking, and so on. Get him something he doesn't have but could use in his hobby. Forget the flowers and candy stuff for him. Trust me. He'll love it.
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I am a guy.  I know lots of guys.  We are unanimous when it comes to Saint Valentine's Day gifts for us.
We don't want one.
If you feel you must do something, model the teddy we get you.
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Thanx so much for your comment, i havent given my boyfrind anything the last 3 years and feel guilty, but if he doesnt actually one then, YAY !
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Cook him dinner. Make him his favorite dish, or just something he would just love.. Food is always a good way to a guys heart
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The best the is anything you could make yourself and have it come from the heart, if he really loves you he will love it no matter what.
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Personalized m & m's with a picture of you guys on them and a message.  Go to mymms.com
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My boyfriend is a huge chocolate fan so I decided to send chocolates to him and I got him some delicious truffles... I think with just a nice detail that comes from the heart he will be more than pleased!
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Get a big red box. Fill it with all things red. Red wine, red boxers, red candles for example. If you can find some red gadgets like a swiss army knife (they come in red) can be fillers. Get a big red bow for you to wear when you present your gift. Have a great valentines day whatever you decide to do!
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Cook him a dinner. Champaign. Candles. Romantic music. Only you and he. Kisses. Floor with roses petels. But it'd be better if he'd do it. But aren't the girls worse?
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Honestly if I got roses or a meal I would be thankful but it would be quickly forgotten, and if I had spent a lot a money on a gift and got something homemade I might even resent it later on. Men think differently than women the little things are just that little things when I guy makes a big purchase or at least a big purchase for him that's him equating the time and value you are worth to him. Taking time to make a poem while cute won't be looked on as fondly in the long run; rather I can't believe I busted myself at work for 3 weeks to get her said present and all I got was a poem and a home made meal. Get a hold of one of his friends to find out what he would really likes it might be some new clothes, gadget, service (cable show, etc.), or maybe even have you in some ... New clothes ;-D good luck
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Give him a kiss on the cheeks then give him a homemade card expressing your feeling then when he reads it take him somewhere secret and start making out for as long as you want and maybe you might get a little something in bed from him . He and you will never forget it
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First of all what does your boyfriend like to do in his spare time? I would give him a gift card to his favorite eating place.
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Get him something that comes from the heart like a picture of the two of you or something along those lines
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Well at my school we are together but we don't go on dates. We sit at lunch together and hang out at study. But I have wood shop with out him so I'm thinking of making him a heart I also ordered a flower for him to get in class.
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So my boyfriend went to Vegas about a month ago and cannot stop talking about these drinks he tried there. They were made with TyKu liqueur. I was very surprised because my bf is sooo picky about what he likes to drink and hates "girly" stuff. He said it goes with anything and is a neon green color! The bottle even lights up when you pick it up!! He hasn't had it since then and I found a couple bottles of it to give him! I'm so excited I can barely wait for V-day! - Lacey
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I find the best presents are normally books (depending on whether they read or not), cooking dinner does sound good, but if you cook all the time he may not think of it as a good un, unless you like to dress up and get romantic lol
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Well what does he like to do best or where is his favourite place to go and take him for a meal or buy him something special.
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You could get hm a watch to show hm how much you truly liove hm or nothing and just let him know you love him
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Get him an autograph from his favorite actress/actor/musician/ athlete or any celebrity. You can get it signed specifically to him with a message and everything. He will really appreciated the lengths you went to get it for him, but its actually really easy and cheap :)

hope this helps!
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How about a suprise holiday, this present will not be easily forgotten, and the surprise element of it will make him even more romantic than he is.
Whatever your budget you can do something, you may not be able to afford the luxury lodge at Aspen for a week, but perhaps you can organise a weekend at a log cabin, a night in a hotel in the country, or a weekend hike together, near where you live.
The organising should be done by you, you may not be able to get away till the weekend or the next, that's o.k. Write a card and leave it on his pillow with a rose, tell him its a surprise destination only, don't let the secret out.
According to what you can afford, buy the makings of a picnic, or flights and sights, or a day treatment at a spa hotel. Or hot air ballooning for the day, river rafting, there are lots of choices.
You know what he would like, wake him up on the day of departure, with the declaration, today is your valentines holiday!
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Guy's don't need much except a lovely romantic time together so if you want to give something then just give time full of pleasure

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I think you should get him a gift that comes from the heart and means some thing. Some men don't like getting flowers or teddy bears. I know mine don't. I have no idea what to get him. I have  been looking for stuff for the past two to three weeks and nothing. I don't know what to do. He is so picky and the stuff he likes he has. Some one help me please
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Dress up nice with heels and a short skirt and tank top. (Guys like that) Make a romantic dinner and give him a smooch!

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