Is it possible to discuss/negotiate/treat with ISIS? If not, can anyone see a solution to the problem?


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Diplomacy takes place between states. The advantage non-state actors like ISIS have is they don't have to follow International rules of conduct in war, so can torture, gas, even use dirty bombs or clemical or biological WMD. They do not wish to join the world as a reasonable liberal western democracy, they want a theocratic caliphate, imposing rule by fiat from a dictator  So no chance there will be negotiation; the resolution of this will be when they see the pointy end of a bullet or their funding dries up, and stop all activity. 

They will inevitably do something that will provoke a massive reaction, because the leaders wish an apocalypse.

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Ray Dart
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Probably correct.
Didge Doo
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I thought the funding was a good point too, but their supporters, world wide, will make sure the funds keep flowing in. I can't see a solution.
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A people as violent as the Radical Islamic terrorist group of ISIS is, there really is no negotiating with them. Best of luck my friend.

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From my very limited view, I doubt that much can be done to stop them at present. The Middle Eastern armies are not match for them -- not because they lack weapons and training, but because they have shown themselves unwilling to resist -- and it would be another unwinnable disaster to send in Western military forces.

Cutting off their funding and their recruitment channels will inconvenience them but only until they find other ways to get what they need.

The silent (sometimes not so silent) support of radical Muslims world-wide will make sure they remain well-equipped.

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Unfortunately ISIS is a part of the New World Oder's plan to take over the world and cut back on the population. The NWO also controls Obama and friends  so there will never be negotiations whatsoever. The only way to fight evil like this is to face it and fight  to destroy it. It wont be easy nor pretty but it's what its going to take to stop it for good and hopefully soon before anymore women and children are killed by them.

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ISIS is a problem that the Middle Eastern nations are going to have to solve themselves. If any outside nations like America or Britain get involved the whole situation will become worse. Just let the Turks and Saudi Arabia take care of it. If they get mad enough a united Middle East assault will take care of it. If not then...we turn a blind eye and ignore them until ISIS dies of boredom.

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We still turn a blind eye. I don't care what events happen between then. More will die if we attack.
ZombieE Lee
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Its better than the alternative. We could either expend our military against every little threat or violent faction or we could wait and see if we actually need to get involved.

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