Why are there no "normal people" as presidents or prime ministers of countries? Why do they all have to be rich/elite?


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Only the rich/elite have the time and money to run for office. Most of us are busy trying to make enough money to keep a roof over our heads and food on our table.  I could not take a year off work, afford to travel to meet the people, afford the fancy clothing that is necessary to be accepted by the media , so that my name would become known, and for people to listen to what I had to say. (in most cases. There are always exceptions)

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Well why are they rich or elite? Look at Arnold Schwarzenegger for example. Just plain old work ethic and utmost dedication to achieving their goals. Your below average person just goes day by day, working at a meager job they don't like with no sense of what to do in the future. If you spend as much time as Arnold Swarzennegar lifting weights to improve yourself, you'd probably make something out of yourself. The successful people and the ones who achieve the most are the people willing to take risks and willing to dedicate themselves to something they believe in.

The people running for offices usually have all the necessary skills. One of the most important one is networking. The saying goes "It's not what you know, it's who you know" However I would revise it to it's "Who you know, and you knowing enough to not make a fool out of yourself" The easiest way to network with good people? Get into a high ranking University.

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There have been some ordinary people as President. Abraham Lincoln was a fairly poor country lawyer, one of the poorest of our Presidents, and he did well. Some others ran clothing stores and were farmers, a few were generals and did not come from wealth. Barack Obama was not wealthy, nor born into wealth. Several of the candidates on the Republican side are from modest means, including Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum, and Bobby Jindal, who should all drop out of the Presidential race if you have to be a millionaire.

Seems that being from a poor background did not stop Ronald Reagan either. And Clinton was born into a middle-class family. It's not how you begin, but how you finish, that is the arc of your story.

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Arguable point, as the skillset for politics is not that of CEO. Meanwhile I saw the question to be if you have to be born to wealth (hence a class quesion), you perhaps saw it as possessing wealth (which is neither a fairness nor a equality issue). The framers never expected our reps to be "average" and we are made poorer when we do not select those of exceptional merit and ability. My point is, anyone can be elected. It's neither a blind lottery (Greece did that) nor a purchased position (Britain did that).
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60 percent of the people born into poverty escape it. 40 percent of those born into.wealth drop down. Its my observation that we make our own breaks.
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Here are the hints to getting up in the ladder: stay employed, go to college, stay married.
I am not saying we dont have challenges, and i am happy to provide assistance or opportunities for the poor. I am not of the kind that says help is not helpful. I do think the most effective help is education and employment, not a monthly check.

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