Are we living in a society where you cannot go to a movie theatre without being shot at?


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It seems that way Otis. I guess we can change the phrase "going postal" to "going cinema" now.

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We seem to be living in a crazy society all together. The other week, we had an angry man pull a large knife on us and threaten my coworker and I because he didn't get the price he wanted for his car rental. The last car of ours that was impounded was covered in blood from a robbery that went bad. It seems like you can't trust anyone anymore. Best of luck to you!

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It's really sad. I guess this type of thing can happen anywhere one would go. I enjoy going to the theater to watch movies, and I will continue to do so. Just like I'll continue going to the store, to the gas station, and anywhere else I choose to go.

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I went to a Cinemark recently and watched two movies in a row. Minions(which was terrible) and Ant-Man(which was awesome). I turned out ok, nobody shot at me.

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No, because we live in a society that allows individuals to conceal and open carry. Don't be a victim, be the hero!

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Phineous J. Whoopee
Phineous J. Whoopee
Statistics and studies might give some information about a large general group, but won't tell the stories of the individuals who were saved by having a firearm - here are some more stories, but to make it relevant (at least to me) these are all stories that happened in my city that I read about in my local paper or saw on my local news.
This first one was funny in that the intruder was ran over by his own people trying to get away after being shot.

This one was a 80 year old man, he needed the gun because he could not have fought them off.

Here is a pastor who stopped a robbery with his gun.
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OK ! Let's end this now OK ? Enough is enough. You've all made your points ! I'm asking you nicely to move on ! Thank you.
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Good question. Yeah back then folks could go to the movies and enjoy themselves but now a wacky world you go see a movie and you'd be lucky if you didn't get shot. And the people that shoot the folks are the ones with mental illnesses . I tell you we live in  a  crazy world. Your question was good.

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