Why is the world so materialistic?


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The world isn't... It's an inanimate object.

PEOPLE are materialistic.  Because we are competitive.  And "having things" is one way to show how successful we are.

Though, depending on the society/culture ... Some "things" are viewed as necessary.  In American society, it is almost required to have some form of computer for communications.  For example: It's almost impossible now to even get a job without applying online.

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Often times people are materialistic because they need to grasp onto something that gives them a sense of security. Many try to find their comfort in material possessions, some try to find that satisfaction in interactions with others, and still others look to their religion/faith for such security. Each individual's view of materialism is formed in part by the way of life they subscribe to.

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Oh my friend.

A brand new church was built not far from where my wife and I lived and we wanted to possibly join and see the inside of this very expensive structure. We were told at that time that we did not make enough money to come in and join their church.

There is a lesson in everything you touch, see, hear, and experience.

All information is learning, therefore good / And Madonna is still a Material Girl. Keep your eye's on the sky, but be careful not to step in anything.

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Keeping up with the Joneses.  Everyone wants the new iPhones, the new cars, the new this, the new that... greed greed greed, it's a sickness.

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People are no longer taught to have pride in their work. They are taught to have pride in their possessions. "Get a good job and you can afford a new car and people will think you are great".  Not "Do a good job, and people will think you are great".

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Because that is where we have been programmed to place our happiness. We live in a consumer culture because we are governed by an elite who has us caged in fear for our freedom, and sells us media products and fashion to keep us entertained and distracted. It wasn't that long ago that people were forced into workhouses. Now we have created machinery that has put many out of work. We produce on a mass scale. Life is becoming less meaningful, we are now working to exist, so we keep producing and buying to fill the massive void which was once our freedom.  Once they had us enslaved it was always bread and circuses to feed the mob, to keep them docile, to stop them saying "hang on a minute I'm a free man, I don't have to be doing this."

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