If you could throw any type of party, what would it be like?


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Ancient Hippy answered

It would be a '60's beach party, like Beach Blanket Bingo style. Everyone in bathing suits (no speedos allowed Rooster), a bonfire, good food and cold beer.

dragonfly forty-six Profile

I love throwing Super Bowl, Halloween and New Years Eve parties.

I live in a town where New Years is celebrated with a Parade. So, we have or go to a New Years party then walk or bicycle the parade route.

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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

It would be a small party with a few close friends. We'd have some Mountain Dew and Coke (For "those" friends :D), Doritos, and pizza. The party would be a Walking Dead marathon before season 6 airs in October! Woohoo!! Best of luck to you!

otis otiscambell Profile

The first annual. Blurtit party pizza mexican food lobster shine soda beer and music it will be craaaaazy

Cookie Roma Profile
Cookie Roma answered

1)  a small dinner party.  Love to cook/entertain

2) then of course there's the ever fun Derby Party, every first Saturday in May. 

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DDX Project answered

Just the usual at the house. Of course we start in the wine room, get some of that alcohol. Someones kid plays the piano, we all clap, and sip some more wine. Kids go play outside, adults on the top balcony sipping wine and grilling a BBQ luncheon. Hang out around the house, hey check out my new speakers from Germany! Someones kid cries. We all look over to see and then go "awwwww poor thing", sip some more wine. Evening it's dinner time with a cooking show from your's truly serving the kitchen counter. Sip some more wine. Maybe dance to a little music. Everyone goes home with a bottle of wine. Perfect party.

A group of really interesting people couple with A LOT of wine equals a wonderful weekend every time.

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