What war do you think was not discussed enough during history class ?


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Bradley Lomax answered

I would say the Russo Japan war from 1904 to 1905 as it was really the last time  Russia last a major war and is a classic example of the overconfidence of one country leading to loss a against much smaller country,  did you ever see the tsarist propaganda getting released at the time it was absurd showing the Japanese soldiers getting trapped in gigantic ushankas .

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Walt O'Reagun answered

Personally ... When I was in high school ... None.  We had a teacher in World History who focused solely on the history of wars.  Probably because he was a VietNam Vet, and wanted us to learn from the mistakes of the past so they wouldn't be repeated.  Or we would at least question our leaders about the need for war.

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No war was every discussed enough, actually in enough detail. The real reasons why and how and who are never really covered.. As far as I am concerned.

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