What country are people happiest in according to your experience?


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The happiest people I've ever met, by and large, are the Filipinos. They're a spiritual people, staunchly Catholic, very family oriented, and smile a lot. Laughter is as necessary to them as food.  You'll meet the occasional grump but those seem to be a tiny minority.

No, I've never visited the Philippines, but have met many in Australia. Wonderful people.

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Charles Davis
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The women are averagely the prettiest as well, but they are also one of the most jealous folk I've ever met (when it comes to relationships). Marry one, and then divorce one they'll shoot you if they see you with another, even if they already have another. I lived on the island of Guam for 6 years and it is 45% Filipino, nicest people you ever wanted to meet, but man they can get jealous.
Didge Doo
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I haven't run into that side of them. It certainly wasn't indicated among those I knew.
Charles Davis
Charles Davis commented
I wouldn't generalize them, but, yeah they can be very jealous. I don't know how many times when I was on Guam some former lover killed the other, yet the killer had a new love. It was not always Filipino, even the locals have the same attitude.

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