What Is Your Favorite Holiday And Why?


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Ancient Hippy answered

I like Halloween the best. I have a porch party for all of the little rug rats in my neighborhood.

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Kristen Storm answered

Very cliché, I know, but I love Christmas because I get to see all of my family :)

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Kristen Storm
Kristen Storm commented
I love it. Especially seeing my grandpa. I only get to see him once a year if I'm lucky
Ancient Hippy
Ancient Hippy commented
That's cool. I have relatives on the opposite coast of the US and only see them on Christmas. It's a lot of fun catching up on things.
Kristen Storm
Kristen Storm commented
Lots of stories at least :)
Rooster Cogburn Profile
Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Actually mine is Memorial Day ! I go to the ceremonies and such and see a lot of old Veterans like myself and we talk some about old times. It also helps me to remember all that have fallen before me. I'm proud to be a Veteran.

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Lard Ass answered

Holidays are not so great for me....I have to go with Halloween as I enjoy seeing all the kids dressed up and happy!

Megan goodgirl Profile
Megan goodgirl answered

The fourth of July. The pretty fireworks. Barbacues and pool parties a holiday that celebrates freedom for our nation.

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