Favorite Halloween Candy? Tootsie Roll, Dots, Caramel Apple Lollipop, Mary Jane Peanut Butter Kisses, Eyeball Gum, Now and Later, Smarties, Candy Corn, Circus Peanuts, Dum Dums?


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crow robot answered

Tootsie roll

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Pixy Stixs!!!

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Lard Ass
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Oh man! I remember when I was a kid they had pixie stix as tall as I was! Can't believe my mom let me have those! I must have been a hoot after eating one of those!
dragonfly forty-six
I remember those too. My parents already paid me to stop talking can you imagine the amount of talking I did after one of those? You and I both. :))
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kit-kat, twix, coffee crisp, or Nestle smarties (PS, nestle smarties are not the same as those  chalky smartie candies which Canadians call rockets)

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