What do you think of the Ahmed Mohamed ordeal?


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What would happen if there was an explosion in that school and some teacher said they saw this "clock" with all these wires and decided not to say anything because they were afraid they might offend someone?

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I love how race/islamophobia/bigotry is the first thing everyone jumps to.  The people that defend the school district/city/police department for following protocol with a potential TERROR situation IN A SCHOOL are considered racists/islamophobes/bigots/etc.  There was absolutely no wrongdoing in what the authorities did.  

This boy's father is a known Islamic activist, which isn't a very good thing to begin with, but aside from that, we're talking about Irving, TX in a school where the demographic figures indicate a whopping(wait for it....) 6% Caucasia presence among the students.  Sooo...yeah...about that white privilege/racism thing....Anyway, moving on, I'm sure most of you aren't aware that the mosques in Irving have implemented a sharia tribunal which operates under sharia law and is not subject to Texas OR Federal Law.  

Irving's City Council passed legislation to support a Texas State Law(Texas House Bill 562) that would forbid the implementation of any "foreign laws"(sharia).  In clearer terms, the legislation forbid the use of "foreign law" and bolstered the supremacy of both Federal and State law.  Isn't it a bit suspect that an Islamic activist sends his son to school with a device such as this and then when he's arrested for refusing to participate in a suspected TERROR INVESTIGATION (not because he's brown/muslim/has a different name, etc.) 

But because he would not give any insight into why he brought it and what it was for!), the father is out with representatives from CAIR (A muslim brotherhood front group) speaking out about the plight of a 14 year old boy that was wrongfully arrested for showing off his "creation" at school...

I'm not sure, but this one just isn't passing the sniff test for me... Furthermore, for everyone throwing the race card at every issue when race wasn't even brought up in the first place, you're showing your very own racial predispositions by injecting it into the debate.  It also shows your incredible lack of critical thinking skills.  Think for yourselves people.  Stop listening to the media.  Do your homework and follow the facts!

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