Why do grumpy people want to stop low-income women from having abortions, yet call them out later for requiring welfare to raise their child?


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You can obtain free condoms .

Abortion ( to me )

Is better then raising a child you cant afford.

But like I said - one can obtain free condoms ...

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I think the "first principle" that occurs to these people is that hererosexual relationships that involve genital sexuality can potentially lead to the creation of another human being and such intimacy should be undertaken with full awareness of the responsibility that creating another human being entails for the future of both their lives and the lives of their progeny.

If that is correct, then it can easily be argued that abortion is unacceptable as a method of birth control and that requiring that other people be required to support such a child is a violation of the rights of all those mandated to provided that support to subsidize a couple's irresponsibility.

Pretty hard to argue with that logic.

The issue of how to actually provide for the tangible problems of those who fail to act responsibility in this area is a separate issue.

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It's about the killing of the baby not welfare. You have it very twisted. The baby can be put up for adoption. It can even be arranged early so the new parents will pay living expenses during the pregnancy. The mother can tell whatever story she wants, she can say she carrying it for someone else.

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Anyone who is against abortion is a against it because they don't like the idea of abortion being used as a form of birth control and they are against 'killing' a fetus...NOT just for low income women but for ALL women. 

AND it's not a matter of being 'grumpy' its a matter of speaking out against something for the sake of principal .. A prinicipal they would believe in because of the princiipal itself not just because they are having a bad day.

AND .. they may also of the opinion that welfare shouldn't be one's first choice to support one's self.  There are many reasons people apply for welfare .. Some choose welfare as a way of life for no other reason other they are to lazy to go out an seek employment, and have a twisted sense of entitlement .. other's have no choice.    BIG difference.

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