Why do some people call others selfish for not wanting to have children?


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I don't have children.....really wouldn't want children in today's world. Could I provide for a child? Sure....I choose not to. My choice, selfish or not!

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i think its selfish to have children you can't provide for either mentally emotionally of financially

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I don't think it's selfish, it's a personal choice.

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Personally, I don't know how that could be selfish. Choosing to not have children for whatever reason is more 'fair' than 'selfish'.  We all know what happens when a child is born to someone who is not emotionally equipped to handle or commit to a child. That is something that can never be 'forced. If someone makes that personal choice .. That is their preogative..and I find it commendable to be realistic and choosing to not knowingly victimize an unwanted child.

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I would answer back that it is selfish to have a child and not parent the child. The child that you created has to live in this world. It's selfish and short-sighted not to parent them so they can be productive, hard-working citizens. Having children is a very personal decision. Only you can determine what is right for you.

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There's nothing selfish about it. It's a personal choice. Considered in terms of the population explosion it may be more selfish to have children. So why do some people call DINKs selfish? It may be the only way they can justify their family to themselves.

(And in case it's an Australian expression, it's the acronym for Double Income No Kids.)

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Taylor Brookes
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I agree, so why do people say that it is?
Didge Doo
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We had five kids, Taylor. It takes total commitment and it costs a lot of money. Other parents have the same problems. Kids cost! Some of them resent either or both the commitment and expense and become envious of those people who have neither, and who appear to have a better lifestyle because of it. So they justify their resentment by saying, "Those people are selfish." It's a load of codswallop.
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WOW! People really say that! ? Now "That's selfish" . . .

(Sorry i don't have a direct answer that why people say that! I'm shocked) but i have some points to make.

Having a children is a personal choice. And no one's business! And it's not selfish! How can it be selfish ? We are not a baby maker machine. And life doesn't define on having children.

To me those who bring a child into this world recklessly without considering anything, those are selfish ones (that's a personal choice to, but if we want to compare, this one is selfish)

Having child is not a game and doesn't have a restart button either! A child needs care, we talking about a human child for goodness sake, it's not a toy, it's not a fun ticket and it's not made of plastic, it's a human child with feelings! Each parent first need to find themselves and how they doing in life, reach a comfort level of knowledge, in particular, about human anatomy, the anatomy of child, read and research about different ages and reactions of a human child, nutrition knowledge and so many more! Then a physical and psychological preparation is necessary, a parent need be able to handle it, to be available to the child and don't lose patience, it's a responsibility, and the most important, a financial support is needed, without reaching a good financial power to support a child, there's no sense to have a child!

(So many more points to take care of before having a child!)

So a person who doesn't want to have a children, surely considered these and it could be any other individual decision as well, (some people doesn't like child) or any other reasons. But at least they had enough sense to think about it and consider if they qualified to have a child ?  I call that sense. Those who just having child blindly, they are selfish ones and out of sense.

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The ONLY reason I can come up with ... Is if that "selfish" person will be relying on government to provide for them in retirement.  Whereas the other person will be relying on their children to do so.

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