Before and during World War II, didn't several people flee Germany, only to be caught or sent running again when the Nazis invaded the countries they fled to because they didn't flee far enough?


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A whole lot more than several didn't get far enough away. The Nazi's caught a lot of people for who knows what reason. Very cruel and sadistic bunch of thugs they were. The Wehrmacht did the fighting and the S.S. and Gestapo cleaned out the populations. So, it was a lot more than several.

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N. Harmonik
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So the folks who are fleeing ISIS by a whole continent have the right idea?
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The difference between the Nazi government of Germany and ISIS is that one was an elected government with the the power of that government and its military to support it while ISIS is a terrorist organisation without the least shadow of legitimacy.

Germany, until war was declared upon the various nations, could not pursue its victims across national borders whereas ISIS recognises neither borders nor law, and can pursue its victims everywhere.

For the time being the worst of their excesses are confined to Syria and Iraq and most of their victims are fellow-Muslims. The situation doesn't really parallel what happened in the 1930s.
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Like you typed though, ISIS doesn't recognize borders. *shudder*

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