To all of Blurit! Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Question, if you celebrate Thanksgiving other than this Thursday, when is it, what is it called?


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Happy Thanksgiving.

Sometimes, we will have more than one Thanksgiving. One with the extended family, one with my own. It's always on Friday. We call it the day after celebration. Just another excuse to eat more!

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Canada, We had our thanksgiving last October on the 12th. (we have ours earlier than the US because our growing season in shorter up here)

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I convert to Judaism on thanksgiving day and back to Christianity on new years day.... I save a bundle

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In the USofA Thanksgiving is celebrated the third Thursday of each November. Many countries actually have a holiday or special day of thanksgiving. Some as with the US are associated with a historical event, technically it is not a religious holiday. Many more throughout the world are associated with a religious relevance.

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