So what is everyone doing this New Years?


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Just got done eating a good sweet crab and enjoying a good cold beer ! 7 hours to go here !

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Skip  Gentry
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7 hours? What time is it there? It's 8:30 pm here.
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Already almost 4pm on January 1st down here in Australia, had a great BBQ with our furry friends & unfurry humans. Happy New Year to all. Keep looking after all the animals. & if you have a dog or cat try to shelter them from any loud Fireworks if you can. Animals are terrified of such loud noises & New Years Eve is the busiest time for animals to escape from their yards. We put ours in a room & play loud music for the midnight fireworks.
Rooster Cogburn
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My hound went and jumped in the bath tub ! Never seen him do anything like that before! LOL
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My neighbors constantly ask me for favors, so I do my best to avoid having contact with them. That's why I will stay inside all day today and tomorrow too, until Monday. They are all still off for Winter Break, so if I go out there, they will be sure to wander over, pretend to be friendly, and then ask me to do something time consuming for them. So whatever I'm doing today, it involves staying inside, ignoring the phone and the doorbell. I will be house cleaning, organizing, watching tv or doing things on the internet.

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