Should I mind about what people think of me?
Hi my name is Jade and I'm a 15 year old girl of mixed race. For the first time I let my hair go natural and I really like it. But my hair is something that you don't see everyday (it's really big and curly). But sometimes when I walk on the street people stare at me and laugh and that makes me sad because I always mind about what other people think about me.


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Hi Jade! It is definitely hurtful when people do that kind of thing. Something to remember though, you are who you proud of who you are....don't let others dictate to you how you should look, how you should feel, or what you should do or not do.....chances are, these people who do this, you'll never even see again. Hold you head up kiddo and be proud! Tell em if they don't like it, don't look!

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Do you know how rare it is to have hair as amazing as that? If you do care what other people think, here's what I think. Let it grow, be different, be outstanding, show your uniqueness. And for those who can't appreciate it,  just remember this, you are the rose in a field of weeds. They will always look to the rose and snicker at it's abnormality.  Let them laugh, all the way to the trash.

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Forgive them for being jealous. And thank them for letting you know they are not worthy of friendship.

Normal=typical=ordinary. Do you really want to be like them?

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