People are against gay marriage because they think that they won't reproduce but they root for abortion because they think you world is overpopulated?


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The people who are against gay marriage are against it for because their religion tells them it is wrong. Those same people are against abortion because they think killing a human being is wrong. The population of the world does not factor in either way into their thinking.

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Some have been saying that gay people are bad because they won't reproduce.
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Well if you hear anyone say that, ask them if they think a heterosexual who can't have children should not be allowed to marry since they can't reproduce either. That usually shuts them up.
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Good idea
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Some of us take pleasure in being against virtually anything!

"The puritan through life's sweet garden goes, to pluck the thorn and throw away the rose."

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Quote from a critic: My job is to cut down flowers.
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Love it.
Richard Ianelli (The Devil's New Dictionary) defined "diacritic" as part of the motto of the movie critics' association. "To live a critic is to diacritic."
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Don't think people "root" for abortion, the people that want it to be legal claim that people would still do it anyway if it was not legal, causing some deaths of women.

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one reason it is religiously forbidden for a man to couple with another man is because males are forbidden from wasting their 'seed'. If a male wastes his seed, he cannot reproduce. This may be why you are seeing people dislike homosexuality for that reason.

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Many American people are against it because their religion says it's wrong. It's also the religion that teaches the world is flat.

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Dance like a gypsy
Whoever thinks the world is flat is an idiot
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200 years ago it was thought "if the world is not flat and the center of the universe" it's a sin. The world is not the center of the universe, it is but a small speck in the vastness of it. I can only hope the next generations understand this ideal of cosmic knowledge, and see what they have, and what they need to know.
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The right and wrongness of Gay marriage is based on what standard that you choose to live by. It really amounts to what standard of life of life that you THINK will make you happy. The evidence that is presented strongly suggested that man does not have the ability to decide on his own what is really best thing to do in life. That feeling that experience is the best teacher is what has brought us to where we are today.

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Not really. I'm against gay marriage because, biologically, I don't see how a man can have romantic feelings for a man. I am also against abortion because I realize that like men have to be responsible for having sex, so should women.

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In the future there is no more gender.

This is why Aliens are so interested in human life.

Enjoy all that you have. Stop hurting each other,

it will be your undoing. Learn to LOVE.

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I agree with CS Lewis when he says that male and female are biological life's participation in that greater polarity of the universe knows as masculine and feminine.

That would be a very boring life---just think, the Oscars would only have one award for "best actor thing."

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