Where are you from?


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Canada. B.C.

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thats pretty cool. we're almost neobhours lol pretty much are xD.. (sorry about my spelling i have no spell check on this comptuer)
Dance like a gypsy
Yeah we get all your rain and snow take it back. Lol
Woof Woofy
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but, the rain LUVS you xD As for the snow. it doesn't snow in the lower mainland area (thank god for that haha)
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Mars, but I have a mixed marriage. My wife is a Venusian.

Thank goodness, neither of us is from the electronic age...

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I'm originally from the land of Lyraxell (Leer-a-zell). Our land boasts of vast towering mountains, colorful flora, and an aura of tranquility. Most people come to visit us for our Looris grove, though. The Looris is an endangered tree that emits a soft glow in the late evening, due to it's unique biology. Lovers, the religious, and those wishing to reflect and meditate are always walking the grove. It was so peaceful there. Why did I leave for North Carolina?

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I moved to Australia from Cloud City when I was young.

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We are all here thanks to the "

Big Bang -

Photosynthesis started life -

You n me came from the sea .

Learned to walk upright,

And began our journey to humans .

We all come from the great apes .

All of us originated from Africa .

Hope this helps -

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Wow!  Most of you sound very exotic.  Papers, please.  Ted Cruz wants to talk to you.  Myself, just California (northern) born ands bred. 

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Me? Just from little ole Omaha, Nebraska.

Nothing much happens around here. Henry Doorly Zoo aquarium.

Omaha Children's Hospital.

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I have been to Omaha once. I excited to check it out, but a winter storm came through and everything was closed. The ride back to Kansas City was an adventure. And the snow got deeper the farther south I went.
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Too bad! Hopefully, if you ever get the chance to swing through again, it will be nicer weather. Nebraska weather is schizophrenic, though. One fine May day a few years back, we had all four seasons in one day. Snow - rain - sleet and sunshine. I had to go home and have a glass of wine!
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I'm from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), Pakistan

Kaghan valley, KPK

Lake Saif al Mulook, KPK

Chitral, KPK

K2, KPK (second largest peak in the world)

The historic Khyber pass, KPK

The historic Silk route and the new Karakoram Highway

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