Will Trump possibly start a war with a Muslim country or countries? Or North Korea?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

I doubt it for a few years only because our military forces are spread out pretty thin all over right now and are at an all time low. We're committed in so many places around the World from the South China sea to Asscrackistan. Take a major build up of forces we don't have the money or the inclination for. He may want to do that but we don't have the strength for a war. So we have time.

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Maurice Korvo answered

I saw what he said on 60minutes, and I really think he believes that if he is president of the US, then he is THE world leader, and everyone will do as he says. War is not an option, for who would dare not do as he tells them..  He may be a great business man, but he doesn't seem to have a clue about the world and world politics.  Just my humble opinion

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Walt O'Reagun answered

Trump can't start a war with North Korea ... We're already at war with them.  The Korean War never ended.  There is only the armistice that created the DMZ.

Like many of the problems in the Middle East, part of the issue on the Korean Peninsula is due to the Allies drawing artificial lines on maps during WW2.


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