Why Is North Korea A Communist Country?


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During World War II, North Korea was liberated from Japanese rule by Soviet forces who went on to govern the northern division of the country. Following the war, Soviet leaders therefore had a major influence in the development of North Korea as a country, and were intrinsic to its becoming a socialist state.
At the beginning of the twentieth century, Korea found itself under Japanese rule. This rule began with the Japan-Korea treaty of 1910, and didn't end until allied forces liberated Korea towards the end of the Second World War in 1945. The country was then effectively divided into two 'ocupation zones', with the north occupied by the Soviet Union. This is the main cause for the rise of communism in North Korea.

The division of Korea

The two occupational zones that were created in the aftermath of World War II were intended to be temporary divisions based along the 38th parallel north - a circle of latitude 38 degrees north of the equator that dissected the Korean peninsula. The intention was that China, the Soviet Union, United States and United Kingdom would oversee the development of a national government for Korea. However, and due mainly to the cold-war politics of the time, this became impossible and two separate states were formed as social, economic and politically polar opposites - with the North aligned to communist Soviet Union and China.

In 1950 the Korean war broke out when North Korea invaded Southern territory, and the two countries still consider themselves to be in a state of 'ceasefire' to this date.

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Korea is divided after Japan was defeated in World War 2
USA wants Korea.. Russia wants Korea..
Russia occupied North part
USA occupied South part.
Korean people were angry.
North Korea declared itself country 1948/9/9 and S.Korea too afterwards.
North Korea was supported by Russia and China which are communist
countries.. That is why North Korea became a Communist state

Today.. North Korea has a Communist Party called
Korean Workers Party.. The way of ruling is Stalinist as it is harsh,
and also Juche ideology which was founded by Kim il-song
meaning National Self Reliance.. Meaning as much as possible
do not let other countries handle our problems. And learn how to be
self sufficient. It is both Communist and Socialist
because they still adhere to the rigid Communism values
unlike China.. Which is clearly an Open Socialist Republic
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North Korea is a country situated in north-eastern Asia on the Korean Peninsula. It has been inhabited for centuries. It came under Japanese occupancy in the year 1910 and stayed under Japanese rule till the Second World War ended in the year 1945. Korea was then segregated into two divisions, the region north of the 38th parallel was controlled by the Soviet Union and the region south of the 38th parallel was under American control. This decision was taken without the consultancy of the Korean people. They raised objections to this kind of foreign rule which was re-imposed on them. The ruling nations did not agree on a joint rule, and in the year 1948 separate government structures were created in both the divisions, that is, north and south. Each part claimed to be the rightful government of entire Korea.

North Korea developed into a communist country as it had a close alliance with the Soviet Union. Today, they have a close relationship with another major communist country, China.
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You are all wrong the actual answer is North Korea is a socialist country but as you can see the dictator Kim Jung-Il had ruled North Korea for 3 Years. Before that it was Kim Il-Sung (the father of Kim Jung-Il) who was the dictator but before THAT North Korea wasn't North Korea. Just Korea! That was when North Korea and South Korea were one whole country. Did you know why Korea is named Korea? Well, before it wasn't named Korea. It was named COREA. Do you know why it changed? Because the Japanese tried to take over the world but they couldn't and failed through the name. JAPAN and COREA - C is before J, so they changed the C into a K. So K is behind J so that is the reason why they changed the name. These are all true facts because I am a South Korean myself.
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Because they never really wanted to get into another war so they gave up on North Korea.
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Because they didn't want any more war and didn't want their country to get corrupted so they kinda took to their own way of living. Small and civil.

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