What Does The Flag Of North Korea Look Like?


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The flag of North Korea, (or the Democratic People's Republic of Korea), consists of a main red horizontal band flanked by two blue bands.
The red band has a white disc on its center-left, inside of which is a red star. Thin white lines divide the blue and red bands.

The first North Korean flag

The flag that we currently recognize as that of North Korea was raised for the first time on the 8th of September 1948. This date marks the day when the northern part of Korea became a communist state following the division of the Korean peninsula by allied forces after World War II.

Communism and the North Korean flag

North Korea was liberated by Soviet forces in 1945 and remained a Soviet occupied territory until the formation of a communist government guided by China and the U.S.S.R

This is the reason behind the Communist symbolism present in the flag's design: With the red star a prominent example of universal Communism. The traditional colors associated with Korea are red, white and blue - and these were retained for the design of the North Korean flag, although more emphasis was put on the red in keeping with Communist tradition.

It's worth noting that the Marxist-Leninist form of Communism has since been replaced by the North Korean ideology of Juche, although the country still retains its Communist-era flag.

Other symbolism in the North Korean flag

As with the flag of any country, the North Korean flag assigns specific attributes to each detail on its flag's design. For example, the red band (as well as representing communism) is also the color of revolution. The blue bands represent the attributes of sovereignty, peace and friendship, whilst the white stripes are a traditional symbol of purity.
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The flag of North Korea is consisted of three bands, the color of which are blue, red and blue, there is a white disc in the red band, the red star is located at the center of the white disc. It was adopted on September 8, 1948.

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