Does religion have any place in politics?


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No, none at all.

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Religion will inevitably influence the thoughts and opinions of the people and the government. There is no avoiding that. What there is avoiding, however, is giving undue weight to a specific religion in policymaking and law, which is what the First Amendment was designed to prevent, given that the U.S. Is a multi-religious state and does not specifically cater to any one religion the way a nation like Saudi Arabia (a Muslim state) or Bhutan (a Buddhist state) does.

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Of course it shouldn't. That said, try to get elected to public office as a Hindu, or as a Pagan, or (gasp) an Atheist.

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Ideally, no. Practically it's inevitable.

People who hold a religious belief will always push to make sure their ideology -- which they inevitably believe is in keeping with "God's" will -- should be protected under the law.

Case in point? Tax free concessions. If the religion industry was taxed on the same basis as other businesses governments could do a great deal to help those people who need support -- the sick, the homeless, the vets.

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I was in one of these mega churches here in tx when the pastor told everyone who to vote for i walked out. I came with a friend and told him i will not go to that church anymore

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