Is There Any Role Of Students In Politics? Should The Students Participate In Politics?


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The domain of students is totally different from that of politics.Politics is normally said to be a refuge of scoundrels. It is so much time-consuming that it is not possible for a person to pay attention to anything else.

In view of these aspects of politics, we can say that the students should not take part in politics. Their primary duty is towards their education. They should not indulge in politics because it will divert their attention and make them follow the wrong path. If they neglect their studies, their whole life will be unhappy. Politics would create a tension in their minds and they would be thinking of defeating the other political party. On the other hand, studies need a very balanced and patient approach, but by participating in politics it'll not be possible for the students.

By bringing politics to the universities and colleges, we will make them unsuitable for helping the nation to progress.Students can easily be exploited by politicians for their personal ends. They try to utilize the youth force for their personal benefits. This tendency is also not conductive to the welfare of a nation. This exploitations generally results in violence.

So, it is said that the students being immature in their thinking should never indulge in politics because it is not in the National interests.
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It is quite a tricky question.One might say yes, the students should take part in politics ,keeping in mind that they are the future of any country.Among these students ,we will have our future politicians.At least ,they should know what their rights are,and what is wrong in the political system of their country.But having said that,one also becomes wary about this idea when these students get involve in dirty-politics and put their future at stake.They get involve in politics without caring about their studies.They become a pawn in the hands of so-called patriotic-politicians. I guess students should first build their future then decide whether to take part in politics or not.

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