What Is The Role Of Students In Politics?


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What is the role of students in politics?

The role of students in politics is an important one; student groups often mobilize to protest, petition, or lobby for political change.

  • Youth represents the future of politics; therefore, elected politicians and their staff regularly monitor the ideas of the younger generation.
Many universities and colleges have student governments who begin to make political changes within university and college student bodies; these decisions are based on votes taken at student council meetings.

In these situations, the student council president will hold the most sway.

Often, student councils also participate in municipal or federal politics by attending political conventions and making contact with politicians on a local or national level. In some cases, student councils and political groups are powerful forces for change in areas like human rights, feminism, and educational reform.

Many career politicians begin their ascents into politics during their school years; they may study political science, history, or law while in university or college.

Later on, they will use this new knowledge to participate in student councils, peaceful protests, and lobbying. In time, they may gain followers and decide to run for elected office.

Educational institutions provide an important breeding ground for a new generation of politically-active youth. In general, students who are politically active will also do well in their university or college coursework - they will understand the value of gaining knowledge and credentials they can use to push for political change once their educations are complete.

Contemporary politicians who were heavily involved in student politics:

  • Bill Clinton
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Barack Obama
  • Gordon Brown
  • Tony Blair
The above politicians were all politically active from a very young age, and used their interest in politics to choose a direction in life.

The role of youth in politics is to interpret changes in society that are beneficial to all citizens, and then, to find ways of making sure that these natural shifts are reflected in bills, legislation, and other important political documents.
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Students have made a significant contribution to politics through the struggle for democracy in the world.

Students in various cases and in many other countries, have been seen to be among the most vocal defenders of their regime. This has been made possible through students activists. Students have made an important contribution to politics through the `the voice of the voiceless'.

Hope this can help.
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I think that there is no role for youth in politics, because they are not deeply aware of this game of politics. They focus on their career and enjoy the life.
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The youth need to be educated in politics early on. By the time they are adults, hopefully they will be involved and making their own decisions, and not listening to what the media tells them like the sheep of today.
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Youth are not useless, they know their responsiblity to the nation. They should be in politics, then they can save our nation from cheaters.
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The question is not very specific but the topic is very old. There are different views on this subject.

There are some who think that students should actively take part in politics. They can bring in refreshing changes to the much-maligned political system, while others think that they should not enter politics as that would be the end of their studies.

Students getting into politics helps them to acquire leadership qualities. But this should not be at the cost of studies.
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To teach them at a young age as these are our leaders of tomorrow and we definitely wouldn't want an inexperienced politician in office, now would we?
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The students play a role in politics but before entering into the politics, every student should think about his present status and whether he has the ability to participate in politics. He has to think about his economical status also.
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They should observe what has happened in our country today - the cheating during elections, which is a bad impression as we go towards building a strong foundation for our nation.

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