Should Students Participate In Politics?


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Politics is a domain which decides any nations future and the growth of the people. Because it is a governing body that determines how other sectors have to function. Till now we are still discussing about whether a student has to enter into this domain or not and yet didnt find any good solution. Lets see what lies in future hands. We all know that Students are the pillars of any growing nation. All the leaders in the world, still speak about the importance of the students contribution to his country.They know very well that any student has the capability to bring about a change. This is because nowadays the students are competing in almost all the fields. In our country we can see great doctors, engineers, Scientists, Corporate leaders teachers and all except the Students involvement in politics. This is because the students are not ready to take a risk of their life. Students beleive politics is meant only for those who are rich, and most influenced. As these politicians has power of administration in state and central, money etc...these poor students are not ready to engage themselves or their family into the trouble and so avoid politics. But if this continues the unfit  politicians may degrade the status of our country  Hence we are in need of knowledge mass who can predict the future issues and plan accordingly and effectively to solve the existing problems and create new reforms in every sector that would contribute to our nation's growth. When a student has understood who has to come for the power through his right to vote..he has understood the importance of politics in a country. Unlike other areas you can't find a good way to learn politics other than entering int it directly and experementinmg it. This is because here you are going to serve the people directly and everyone would know who you are. So atleast 10% of students who gets graduated every year should enter into
politics just to look after the welfare of the nation. By being engineers yu can give good product for the people to work with, by being a doctor you can treat patients illness and contribute to good health..but only by entering into poltics you can make these facilites to reach people and give them a god life. It is because if you r a true leader with your admiistration you can make any laurels for the country state or the district in wic you are in.
You will be pro-active and diligent than the politicians who work only for money and position.
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In my views students should take part in politics because we don't get an healthy environment without a good leader. Who should lead from the front. During student life there's a lot of chances for him to flourish his /her capabilities. Which should be helpful for him for his future carrier.
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In my opinion, students shouldn't be involved in politics. The purpose is to study and there shouldn't be any other field other than this main objective.

Politics can harm the career of a student. Once the student complete the education, he/she has all the time in the world to take time in politics.
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I feel that students should not involve in politics because it will ruin their career.If they want to make politics as their career then they should be prepared to handle both.
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Of course you are mainly in college to study, and it is the best chance you will ever have to learn things that hopefully will be useful both to you and to others. But it is also the beginning of your life as a citizen; and as a highly-educated person you should be involved in what is going on in the world. So I do think students should be involved in politics, though ideally this should complement their studies and not take their place.
Think  how many national leaders etc, first got involved  in politics in their student days!
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Yes, everyone should be involved in some form. Having an informed electorate is the best way for a democracy to work. The less involved the people are the more corrupt the system becomes. Last presidential election was under 40% of registered voters voting. There's usually far less voting on local elections. And then people wonder why the system has become so corrupted. We can turn it around only when we become involved. Until then it's business as usual.
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Yes , they should be to learn how their government works from the ground up to the understand that even one vote counts in a election....when I was in school we had discussion groups just for this reason...P.O.D.(not the music group)...and how they can affect their community around them by being active in local government....or how if they don't get involved how they can be effected by letting others make decisions for them.....DOH!
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Absolutely if they are interested in it ..they are going to be the politicians and or voters of tomorrow

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